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C: I like to doodle stuff, and yeah. My DeviantArt is the same as my SmackJeeves username. And, uh, yeah. I'm extremely hyper, and extremely irritable, especially over the internet. If you don't have the same views as me on everything, I'll likely yell at you and then act like you don't exist, so, uh, don't get on my bad side. South Park is fun, and so is... a billion other things. Pastels are sexy, my colored pencils suck, and my friends are only cool people. If you haven't noticed, I don't like to form coherent sentences, or paragraphs, and I skip from idea to idea. This will be very, very easy to notice in my comics. Get used to it.
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I nearly forgot how much I loved this comic! C: <3 I really, really love this guy, haha.

He shall stay.

On another note, you must have some determination. I'd never be able to let fans decide what happens. And if I did, the same thing would happen, no matter what. Because I'm stubborn, and it'd be my plotway or the highway. So, I respect you. ;A; okayi'mdonenow.
Her face in that last panel is absolutely adorable. ;A; Oh, I'm so anxious! >3< When characters go through changes, for some reason, I become extremely happy. Change is good. Plus, he'll look absolutely adorable, no matter what hairstyle you give him.

He could have an afro.

I don't even care.


I think I'm just gonna jump on train with everyone else on this page and go

LOL, GAMZEE. <3 That's a very nice surprise, man.

Also, him reaching to knock on that door? The angle? I am in love. The hand is so perfect, auugghhh.
Your cigarette smoke gets more amazing every time I see it.

Also, the paneling in this page is so fantastic -- and I usually don't give a crap about paneling.
Woah. This is so, so cool. Like, in a totally morbid sort of way, I guess? I don't know exactly why this page amuses me so much, but I think I'm gonna go stare at it for a while.

I love everything about your art style so much.
Dying right now.


I think I just found my new religion.
Way to lighten the mood, Minty. I wish I could get away with this whenever stuff got serious.

Your comic makes me want to explode into billions of shimmering rainbow-colored pieces.
WAS I... WAS I SUPPOSED TO TAKE THE SEXUALLY? D: Because I did. Other than my dirty, horrible mind, I love your comic with a passiiiooon. C: Gonna keep readin' now.
ARRGGGHHH. It's so cute it makes me wanna punch someone in the face. In a totally good way. D:> Love the color you chose to draw with, btw.