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my name is dawson i love all anime (well most anime) and i love spriting and drawing. check out my comic digimon: destiny
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I really like this comic so far! good job and outlined speech bubble looks best ^_^
Awesome comic guys ^_^
thanks for all the credits on the previous posts, awesome sprites bro :] can i request something?
My design's for x6 and x7. x7 would be Omegashoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, starmons, sparrowmon, and a chou shinka of mailbirdramon.

x7 would be the same but with Zeekgreymon ( a chou shinka of greymon)
remade that shit
my last x7 sprite was some shit, so i remade that, and it's clearly superior.
yeah i made this, because honestly the x2 design was stoopid, and dumb. it made more sense than mine, but looked dumber the Shakkoumon. Anyway it's mostly based of Paildramon's design, because paildramon is like one of my favorite digimanz.
didn't you use some of my sprites one time, no need to credit me if you did, but i dont remember XP
digivolve already
@opdick225 Banisher made it then i edited it further, check out my showcase :3
Fix the links!
February 14th, 2013
> Check body and go inside room
>You check the body to find 27$. You also find an empty bottle. the bottle is green and says "Speed-cola" on it. it smells, interesting.

You head inside the room, i's not very dark in here. here seems to be blood leaking from he ceiling. here is also blood on he bed and drag marks leading to The closet. It is relativity quiet.
February 14th, 2013
>Go right and check body (combined)
> you check he smelly corpse for anything, you find 100$ in cash. You take it and head to you're right. You find he end of a hallway with a window a little ways down from the door you first exited from, with a little light peeking through. You also find Another corpse and a door. The corpse looks to be destroyed, it's highly unlikely it's "undead" but it still could be.

what do you do?

don't forget you can do 2 at a time, ex. a and b
February 14th, 2013
> You curb stomp him again, his time with you're dominant foot, instantly crushing his skull and killing him.

He stomps squirming and dies. You hear another ear-piercing scream from what sounds like below you.

what now guys?
February 14th, 2013
>Curb stomp
> You walk around him and curb stomp his face with all your might.

You do some serious damage but not enough to kill him as he has a sliver of health left.

What now bro's?
this comic is fucking awesome
November 24th, 2012
>Go left and fight
> You sneak up on the Hostile. You Notice this One looks different, he has a blue tint to his skin and more wounds then the other one.

You approach the Hostile then swing, It is a critical. the zombie falls over, with your intelligence you discover his health and level.


Also i need to teach you more about fighting

Sneak attacks will always be a critical.

Critical do extra damage and Knock down the opponent.

Melee attacks= hitting something with a weapon or fist
Takes down weapon durability and some stamina.

Curb stomp= You can also stomp something, but they have to be knocked down. They almost always Hit and They don't take down weapon durability. but they do Require more stamina.

Run= You can easily get away if the opponent is knocked down. if they are up and you run you usually Will get attacked and/or followed.

Throw weapon = This can be useful for distance attacks, not so much up close. it requires the same amount of stamina and damage as a melee attack, But you have to retrieve your weapon.
November 24th, 2012
>Leave the room
>You leave the room. you do it quietly, you see another Hostile down to the left. He doesn't seem to see you, what do u do sir?
November 24th, 2012
>Check body and Check room.
>you check the body again, you find 6$. Then you check the room and find Some bandages.

when you apply bandages it stops bleeding and gives you +10 Hp

Pills give you +5 hp and -5 to any poisons.
November 24th, 2012
>Melee Attack
>Using the last of your Stamina back Back swing the hostile, It's a clear head-shot and instantly kills him. His body flies through the air then lands there.

What do you wish to do?
>Wait for Stamina to recharge then attack
>you catch you're breath and get to you're feet, The hostile Claws your back, In a rage you grab you're hammer, turn around and swing it. The attack was a critical, His arm falls off and he goes flying backwards. With you're high intelligence you are able to identify it's Health and it's level.

What do you do next?

Update: I updated the layout of the pages.