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Bailey......why are you so beautiful...sto p...
Some people are reading too deeply into this instead of just enjoying the comic as it unfolds. No one knows these characters like Kimmikala does, it's 100% up to the author what happens, we're just here to enjoy their story, their characters, and their art
The day that these two finally get together my crops will be thriving and my face will be clear and my soul will be Pure
Take your time whenever you need! Your mental health is most important, we'll always be here. These boys are too pure i'm in pain. They can't even understand each other properly yet and they're already so sweet
AaaAAHHH Jian's eyes are so pretty!
Welcome back!
I'm cryinf
Ahh happy birthday!! And congrats on the 100 hopefully lots more in the future
The art style looks good! It looks really clean. I'm super curious about Jian now, does his people all have magic like this or is he special? He's such a sweetheart I trust Him
It was worth the suffering cause your background is GORGEOUS with the little details like the cracks in the window and their reflections and the little tears in the fabric bless
Your colors are so vibrant and pretty i'm dying. You have a great attention to detail and your characters look so beautiful I'm looking forward to this story holy heck (and you can't go wrong starting the story with a giant chicken ;) )
That's fine! This page looks good. Experiment all you want until you find the process that works best for you. Don't worry too much about anything being sloppy, you'll find your flow. What matters most is that you enjoy getting your story out because you have such a unique universe so far and really lovely characters ; u ; (and now that I went back and read the translations Jian is even cuter and I love him more oh noooo...and they look so cute, I know he just saved him but....they look so cute hugging send help they're going to kill me when they grow up)
Their Stucky costume just saved my life i love those boys bless them
Your characters are so beautiful! You've got yourself a new reader I'm excited for more
April 25th, 2017
I can't get over how pretty and charming all of your characters are it takes me .2 seconds to fall in love with them
It's really sweet how Laiel is still talking so politely and trying to be helpful to Jian despite the language barrier. I ship these two so much already. And where can I get a Moki i want 10!
Boys....; u ; I can't wait to see where this conversation goes.