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gonna make me a cuppa tea in the microwave like a true american.
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I just spent like the past couple days reading all of this and I adore this comic to bits omfg this has to be one of my favorites now :D

The jokes are great, the character growth is great, everything is great
I adore these super cute chapter covers!
Yaaaay! I missed this comic so much!!
I know I'll be back! I adore this comic! Good luck in all that you do! C:
I hopped over to this comic after following your It's a Hard Life for a looong long time, and holy CRIPES, this is so cool! The art is incredible! And I love the dragon hunter so much already.

Meant to add these up quicker than I did, but I had a handful of exams to deal with and was super slow about working on this, but I should be better at churning out pages!

Dunno about a schedule yet... I'll want to do at least a few pages a week though!
Annnnd here's the rules I'll be going by while playing the game/drawin' the comic!
Here we go! My very first nuzlocke run, played out on good ol' Yellow. Which was my first game way back in the day when I was a kid. Replaying it was just as fun as I remember it being. Damn that music just sends happy shivers right down to your soul, eh?

But! Here's the, uh... 'main' cast? Two dweebs and a hot blonde babe 10/10