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Artist of Minimum Wage Designs
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    Daniel Herrmann
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page 3 of 48

written by Neil Gossell
art by Daniel Herrmann
I drew this page 2 months ago. Ive been waiting to finish this for this story for sooo long. Im pretty happy with how it came out. This marks the first true splash page in AitloHA history
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Written by Neil Gossell
Art by Daniel Herrmann

Not as happy with this page as i was the last but the next page will totally make up for that.
Cover for the first issue of Gods of the North
Page 1 of 48

written by Neil Gossell
art by Daniel Herrmann

This page was a huge challenge for me. I cant draw bodies of water. I think this came out passable. You can tell whats going on at least and i consider that a victory.

This is the first page in the biggest single story ive ever tried. Luckily Neil provided such a great script, this should run very smoothly. I think you will all enjoy it very much.
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Writen by Neil Gossell
Art by Daniel Herrmann

Finished now with this short story. Up next is a 48 page story taking our heroes to the lands of the north.
page 5 of 6
Written by Neil Gossell
Art by Daniel Herrmann
I love how he repeatedly forgets to stop the fowl voice. Nice bit of character development. Cant leave the persona in the suit.
"I am your capo now."
Lamont? Is that you? Oh wait.

Criminals are after all, a superstitious and cowardly lot.
Epic Cock
This page is too awesome for words.
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The introduction of Ezra. She has been around for a long time now and we finally get to use her in a story. This one is gonna be primarily about her. Hope you all like.
i really like your style and your comics are amazing
i love the art. Cant wait to see where it leads
God i love the ucb! Great comic
Curse my inability to spell
We are aware of the misspellings in many of our comics. After its posted i usually have to repost a spell checked one and i still have mistakes. For someone who has known the English language all his life i sure don t show it do I?
the greatest pain known to man it that suffered at the hands of Bono.