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I'm strange. That's why people like me :D
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best eyebrows ever
Lacy's amazing. ^_^
And so are you, of course. That made me laugh so much.

ps, first comment!
The art is gorgeous but the font is jarring.

^_^ Great writing though, you two make an amazing team!
That is truly the best art on Smackjeeves. How long do these take??

And yay for being called Melani/e!
That's the first time I've seen my name in a comic ^_^
^_^ love it!
Yay, I've just discovered the real reason I'm learning Chinese!
Well, actually I hardly understand any of it, is it simplified or traditional?
In any case, the art is amazing! I'm so jealous. +Fav
That is an enchanting poem...

But is it maybe meant to be 'Know I not You bore that Pain', rather than 'You not I'?

Doesn't seem to fit the rest of the poem.

The art behind is gorgeous too. :)
January 2nd, 2008
He's almost doing a Mr Burns 'eeeeexcellent....'
Has Steve killed anyone with a pink elephant yet? That would be fun...
I read it all at once and I am IN LOVE!
Enjoy the holiday from this and then! *cracks whip* back to work!!
Seriously, if I wasn't too lazy to I'd 5 every page.
But for now you get another fav ^_^
Mareo's my favourite.
I love him b^_^d
That is just soooo good :D
I need to get character personality lessons from you ^_^
He smacked her instead of caving in...your art/writing ROCKS!
Chaos is maybe my favourite, after Steve, naturally.
I just love the tshirt.
I want one. where can I get one? @_@ pleeeease!
Like it.
all your comics have a lot of character...I like the way you keep stuff from earlier, especially the leg cramps one.
Oh, it's brain shaped....good idea :)

Some kind of large walnut, maybe?
Eleven violent onions! On the 12th day of christmas my true love gave to me...
That last panel just...RAWKZ
The last few comics with all the action and the huge end panels have looked amazing.

I love your comic :D

Will you ever make a banner for it? like a bat with Life & Death written on the side?