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My name is **** but every one calls me Jay. Im african american and i live in TX. im not ready to show my art to anyone yet. Im into all sports and all music except country. I love reading everyone story. PM me anytime
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First comment:
ooo does are some pretty cloths and Kanoni looks pretty
omg sexyness has arrive lol

*puts hands in the air*
yay whole face!

*puts hands in the air*
he is so hot even if it doesnt show his whole face
omg first comment and ooo she is being taking away but where?. I love it!

*ouch i hope your ankles heal and hope u find you dog*
Habe thats mean to say that the new verison looks like a quick fake-bake girl. Her skin color is really pretty.
The dark-skinned one. she looks very unique. i love the shade of brown u use its really pretty.
lol, i think the towers are kool looking. it makes it look spooky.
ouch and i love the bones
Aww bunny looks as cute as my puppy
omg i love your story. this picture reminds me of when my sister drag me away from, her room.