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Hi! My name is Doomy and I'm a very nice and easy-going person.

*** My favorite video game series are: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Final Fantasy, Assassin Creed, Dragon Age, Devil May Cry

*** I like BL, GL, and anything in between.

*** If you ever need help with HTML stuff and customizing your page please feel free to ask and I will see what I can do ~

I only have one comic at this site, so please be nice!


Updates will still be pretty slow but yeah, I'm trying to get back into the flow of things, haha.

Comments are loved~! <3
... I love that song.
If you haven't figured it out already, I base all of the chapter covers on song names, haha.

Anyways, Chapter 4 cover, ya'll.

Slayne is gonna have SO MUCH fun tearing Valentine apart. But we all know Valentine's patience is running thin.

Expect lots of blood. And stabbings. <3
January 24th, 2015
Slayne just wants to have fun ~

Sorry for late page, just started classes recently and yeah, haha.
January 10th, 2015
Hey everyone, welcome to chapter 4!

God, it’s been so long since I’ve last updated this comic but it is good to be back, haha!

Thank you all for the support all this time ~

Now enjoy a psycho Slayney.
He's so cute when he's hungry. <3
<p>Ahhhh finally this chapter is FINISHED.</p>

<p>Now if you'll excuse me, Doomy is going to take a good long break! Thank you everyone who has read it this far! Your support really means so much to me!</p>


<p>I'll still be very active on working on this project as well as others! Please be sure to visit/follow these links where I'll be posting updates of sketches, gag art, fanart, etc!</p>

<p>DEMENTED @ Tumblr (NSFW)</p>

<p>DEMENTED @ Facebook</p>

<p>Doomylicious @ DeviantArt </p>

<p>Doomy @ Y-Gallery</p>

<p>So yeah! Again, thank you guys so much! I had so much fun working on this comic and now it is time to focus on my studies in my new college! Pics of my new place</p>

<p>Questions, Comments, Suggestions are loved!<br />
Hope to see you guys soon!</p>

<p>Demented will be back with a vengeance SOON. <3</p>
Locke has daddy issues.

Anyway, thank you everyone for your support the other week. I really needed that and I'm very grateful for you guys, srsly. I know I was being selfish and insecure but yeah, I'm sorry... Sometimes I get that way, haha. ;___;

Ah and I know the text gets in the way, so click here to see EVERYTHING (nsfw):
<img src=" mylicious-d7tioze.png">
@Quadrant: Oh I fixed those pages! And yeah, I don't know, I think almost every comic artist has to do deal with something like this from time to time.

And thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying this and I do plan on getting back to Road to Hell one day. xD;

@Toma-Chan: Ahhh thank you, Toma! ;___; Yeah I think you're used to me rambling a lot lol. And yeah, thanks for the help you've given me so far though. <3

@animaid101: Ahhh yeah, I'm trying to come to realize that people are just simply busy during the summers which could probs explain the lack of activity here, haha. But yeah, thanks so much I don't think I ever want to abandon this comic (Even though it will take me years to complete lol) but so long as I have support I will keep going. <3

@irgroomer: Ahhh it's understandable! I'm just being a whiny baby right now haha but thank you for reading my comic! That's really sweet of you. ;___;

@HoshinaYuki-chan: Thank you so much! I just was so worried about the story making sense to people but I'm glad people are enjoying it. And yes! Kael is too cute to abandon. xD;;
Locke you are one sassy, mofo.
Thanks Noir for helping me with the dialogue!

Also mini-rant: I'm noticing a scary trend lately. Every time I take off and go on vacation, I lose a significant amount of views and readers. It's becoming a scary thing because I'm afraid of going on vacation now, knowing I'll lose readers that way.

I have very low self-esteem so when I see how hard I'm working at this comic and seeing that my views have gone steadily lower each and every update it makes me feel like I'm just not good enough. Hell, I stayed up till 4 in the morning to try and get this page done on time. I see faults EVERYWHERE on this comic but I still try my best but it seems like it's never good enough and I have no idea why I feel this way. UGHfjfks.

I don't know, I just feel like people aren't interested in this comic sometimes due to lack of views and feedback lately. Like, what happened? Did I do something wrong? Is the plot boring? Is there something I need to improve on? Also, I don't feel like my comic belongs on this site sometimes because it just ... doesn't fit in with everyone else.

With the stress this comic gives me, sometimes I wanna quit ... :C

@timefox: Lol oh that didn't make any sense ... well I changed the wording around. xD;;;
Hey i'm back!
Few more pages left and this chapter will be over!

Fire VS Lightning! It's too bad Locke isn't interested in fighting such a weirdo. He loves money more than bloodshed, haha.

Even with his friends in danger, all Valentine can think about is Slayne. Obsessed much? xD;;;
Walking into enemy territory!

Locke is not phased by his intruders, in fact, he's happy to have them. He even wore contacts just for the occasion. <3

Anyway, going to be out of town for a few weeks so I'm going to need fillers ... At least one! So if anyone wants to draw something for me, please say so! I will happily credit you and stuff. xD;

Updates will resume on July 12.
@K,T,M: Yep, Valentine wants his Slayne and nothing is gonna stop him. xD;;

@kuroi_hitsuji: Ahhhh that is amazing. ouo

@summerstorm: Haha yeah, I'm glad someone caught the reference. <3
<img src=" 31DaI1rxdmuso2_400.png">

Wolfy don't grow a backbone... Valentine is only gonna break it afterwards.

Also hey! It's my bday weekend (Well bday is June 18 but decided to celebrate today and tomorrow). I'll be out of town for a bit and go visit a zoo + casino.

You guys have fun for me too! <3
@hell-kill: Haha right on! Yeah I'm used to wearing heels all the time too. xD;;;

@summerstorm: Exactly! Reach LVL 99 to run in turbo speed!

@bloody_rose: Yeah their 'relationship' is confusing... It seems one-sided if anything lol. But Valentine really cares about Slayne in a 'If I can't save you from being evil, I'll kill you myself' sort of thing. xD
Is bunny wearing an eyepatch?! :O

Ahhhh anticipation.

I wanna know what happened to Leaf. ;____;
Eve runs like a track star in those heels.

And yes, Valentine is very protective of Slayne.
Only HE'S allowed to hurt him. <3
Today marks the day for Demented's 4th birthday! This comic is FOUR freakin' years old!

Thank you everyone for your support so far!

I love you all! ;___; <3
Slayne, didn't your mother ever teach you to clean up after yourself?

Oh wait, you don't have a mom anymore.
Slayne, you left some pubes at the crime scene.

Meanwhile, Eve has forced her way into making Valentine and Noel disguise as douchey cops ~

Yes I watch a lot of crime shows like 'Nightmare Next Door', 'Who the $&#* Did I marry', and sometimes CSI. xD;
April 25th, 2014