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I think I've never said this but I SERIOUSLY LOVE HOW YOU DRAW TEETH.
Oh Adam. Y u so cute. >///< ~ ♥♥

And seriously we can wait for the updates! You have more important things going on at home so you should concentrate on those. We wouldn't want you to force yourself. So take it easy and continue this comic when you really have the time. :) ♥♥
Asdfghjkl,come to your senses Mika! You better not leave Alex! D:
Oh geeze how cute. You have all my lols too. Poor Sergio cant even decide his own name. :D asdfghjkl <3
Way to go ruin the mood Mika! :'D

And like bluswordgrl said above me: You're gonna have the whole album sorted out in no time! :D
*Dirty mind on process


Meheh~~ <3
Cuties~ <3
Oh my goodness. I imagine that Adam is the short one. For some reason. :D Though I never had thought he'd be that short. Hahaha :'D

Cute. :'3
Agh! You can't leave it like that! Mid-sentence! D:

Haha, I really like this comic. Looking forwards to the next update. ;)

Hee, I'm so excited! ^w^
Aaaand there's teh hug. >w< ~~ <3
Mika you dumb...Of course he's NOT okay if he's crying! Now hug him you idiot!

And seriously congrats to you on finishing on my part too! :D (and sorry 'bout my sucky English .-.)
January 21st, 2012
Oh, I'm so waiting for the new style! <3 Also I wonder how Sifris is gonna react when he wakes up. x3