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So I see...
Silence is not necessary right now! Kissy noises are!!
wooooooh. Finally. <3
and this is how babies are made
It finally happened...
His friends will love you!
Plus, you're way older than all of them!!!
looooooool! WHICH ONE WILL SHE CHOOSE?????????????????!
oh shit....
oh shit....
Say it! Be strong!
oh no.... :/
@coloradogirl86: Go after yo' bebeh!!!
Inori...Inori?! Yeeeeeah, you got it buuuddy
Looool. 'Excuse Me' oooo, will they fight over her/him hehe?! -gets excited-
bahaha, that song though! >.< And the pumpkin girl is too cute!
snuggle tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!
Where is Nina from? Her accent sounds familiar, but i can't place it... hmmm
He just got jumped...bahahahahaha
Who stole who? But who made the choice?