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30 people like my story <3
Thanks everyone, although you're silent followers I guess I should still show my appreciation,
Thanks for even once having a slight interest in this duo!

the animation, i slaved over it all night, lol
sorry if it is a bit fast?

@furiousgeorge; HUHU. The mouth does match her words lol, Im never slack in that department = u= ~~~~! Thanks for the comment<3 I was getting lonely hahaha, I hope the others get to see this aswell u ou.
August 14th, 2011
So whats everyone's fav milk shake flavor? ~~~ <( u 3u<)
haiiiiiiiii i m a new fan :]
lol, read this today, its all very exciting too read! And these last chapters have felt so fast, things are all rolling out one after another. thrilling :)
August 6th, 2011
sorry for the late update :<
But its here. worked hard all night on it, and I'm just about to drop dead :P

Good-Night - u-
so this one is really scruffy. D: I really wanted to update this weekend. I'm currently animating~~~
July 20th, 2011
yer girl, he's that kind of guy; daggy

another colour idea.
please speak your mind out these ._.

@maur_maur - Yes?? I think its a nice soft touch, perhaps I will still with this one. Thanks so much for your opinion maur <:
Hey C:
Tried out colour, clean it up a bit?
I'm not sure, about it,
I might test a different colour technique.
We can be old together |D lol. total +fav Thanks for bring out this comic :)
Madame E~ |D you're awesome.
I'm aiming for that cute appeal,
but the story willll have it's ups and downs C:

Limon!! Thank's for the encouragement C:
It's good enough knowing one person's enjoying this.
wow, last two pages bad with spelling errors, LOL feel free to point out whats screw up.

I finished this one quick coz I cheated - u-
Still looks alright,

LOOK. It's a Lolita. DAW. Q uQ
First page was a bit boring huh.
Here's the second :)

still gotta do the banner. I'm not sure what I'll put on ittttt ; n; guh,

anyway, no I'm not obsessed with sunflowers. <(> o<)>

I'm not sure what days all be updating or anything like that yet..... I'm a full-time student,

omg >>>Madam E you totally saved me there, I forgot all about it pfft -facepalm- thanks doll face :D
Let's get on with it neh?
Navigation's finally starting~

Stay tuned - u-

AHH. I have to change the banner luls, that's lots of fun.
Thanks all for joining my bandwagon, and hopefully to share my Navigation love!!
I'm currently inking the first page up, it should be completed for tomorrow!

But here's some more art > -<

YES, the comic's finally starting??

See you tomorrow!
Hugs all round!

(had to edit this ono the formats and uploading~ it was being difficult)
July 10th, 2011
It's so ttly Till Lindemann!

Thought he looked familiar.
Just a little Navigation Promo,
The story will begin soon.
Hope those interested stick by !!