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well I love music, Steampunk and goth styles. I also like cute things at times :) and fashion too! i love creating interesting looks. My inspirations come from some great comic artsts, like Ai yazawa, Kaori Yuki, Takeshi Obata & Tsugumi Ohba, and Natsuki takaya. also some legendary writers ; Edgar Allen Poe and Vladimir Nabokov, he has such a way with words even though what he writes is pure filth, its written beautifully.
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    Perla Okura
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you're comic geniuses!!
This is drawn and written beautifully, i think you should submit it to Yen press, they accept titles in English! and i'm SURE they'd accept yours in a heartbeat!! plus its practically the same thing, you're just getting paid ^w^ annd....i'd kinda like to buy a volume of this, do you do any cons or artist alleys at cons? cause im in love with this comic. so glad i read it before you become famous! :3