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Hello! My name's Lilian and I'm an Spanish anime drawer, I like reading mangas and watching animes, listening to music... well the typical hobbies ^^;
Hope you enjoy my comics!
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sorry for the lateness!
The school image is not made by me it's by "screentones" on deviantart ^^
Doko Koko every monday!
I'll upload a new page of the manga every Monday!
@Risky2k: :'DD Thank you! <33
@Risky2k: Thanks! ^^ Oh and thanks for the tip, I have a person who correct the pages ;;; I think I should ask a few more people ^^
Really really good! Gonna read more *A*
@Dracula: Thanks! :D
Thanks <33
Thanks for read it, your comments will inspire me and make me very happy^^
As always,
hope you like it! Now Reika's search starts! <3
Hope you all like it, and thanks for watch <33