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@Aiyse: Dragons pretty much do whatever they want, much like cats. At least he isn't pissing on their bed and puking on their stuff.
His hair IS purple, the picture is somewhat sepia toned to 'age' it properly for the 1950's effect
November 17th, 2013
@Quadrant: I think its a wall TV though I am probably wrong. Might be changing the channel, turning it on? NFC
Boss man looks like a kind grandpa type. Think that falls into the 'don't judge a book' category.
DT's expression in the last panel made me smile. You caught her little charmeleon emotions very well. Good job DT! Way to go!
Angel, was it Kaito that said it on the page before this?
@Lockman: That is EXACTLY what I thought, fish crap.
Excellent way to lose your face. Love Atty's reaction.
Really like how you did the windshield. And the dangling dragon. And the horizon, its very obvious what time it is. Keep it up!
Looks to me like Min walked around the bitch's legs. Perhaps that is something.
Hopefully the poor man wont end up in jail for a murder he didn't commit. By god Josh, DON'T touch anything.
Particularly like that Atty used punctuation.
August 25th, 2012
This. Epic. LOL
OK, asked because you are showing mutant stuff and you never know. I like the expressions here
Bubble 7, is that a muzzle on Zal or just wonky?
And glasses go *crunch*
Thought that was a gunshot for a minute there- was like 'oh shit'
I also use DS4. As I am a merchant in one of the virtual stores that sells content for poser, I have to have all of them in order to test something before I can sell it. I have poser 7, 8, 9, 2010 and 2012, DS3 and DS4. Be glad you didnt have to buy those. I personally don't like poser as I learned on DAZ. I think the base program will continue to be free, but the pro version costs nothing right now.

Another thing- the hobby becomes very expensive very quickly if you need clothes and hair and props and everything else. A hair model alone usually goes for around $20.

Lastly, in using the programs, I can't hardly draw for shit anymore. I'm sure with practice it'd be ok but as of the moment, not so much.
I noticed something you may want to mess with in whatever program you use. Shuno's eyes in the last panel don't look like they are centered to me. The opposite of cross eyed. Just a tiny bit, and really, if at all with his hair in the way. It is kinda creepy looking and not intended I'm sure. Maybe I'm just interpretating it wrong, with his iris being much smaller and all. Unless he is going to faint or something next panel and I doubt thats the case.

Page is beautifully colored. I'd donate again if I could afford to, but mostly I'm just another stalker that checks multiple times each day. We love you Angel!
or wait for the huge rock. it should be heavy enough and should cover all four squares.