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My Little Pony: Friendship is Pokemon?

It likes seeing two once.
And the plot thickens!
Thanks peeps, don't know why but I've always felt I had a thing for making panels.
I'm really liking how this page came out. Anyways, sorry about the not updating frequently I just have a lot on my plate to deal with at the moment, but for now I hope you enjoy. ;D
I find it hilarious how the two guys in panel 1 went about the whole thing.
Cool, I like how you set-up this cover page.
@RedCrow: lol, oh snap you're right. They look so similar though (that and I don't know too much about megaman...)
Axl! I was wondering when he was going to show up.

Its funny how this wasn't a problem for the government when the economy was thriving from the internet boom but now that its grown too out of control they want to start enforcing laws to restrict its usage.
Thanks guys, I always appreciate the comments. Its one of the only things that keeps me going :D
Contrary to popular belief, there was no arrow-knee jokes made whatsoever in the previous page. /sarcasm

Anywho, now our heroes head towards Diver Coast choosing to take a detour past the beautiful, but treacherous Oceania Springs. What awaits our heroes? Enjoy ;D
This is just like long jump but with less sand and more deadly spikes.
Something tells me Hivolt's gonna come back stronger than ever.
After hours of Skyrim, our dynamic duo sets their sights toward the Diver Coast Gym which Kyle is a part of. What awaits them on the path ahead. Find out next time on...! Enjoy ;D
@RedCrow: Hopefully you can get it soon cause it def. won't disappoint you

@opdisk225: lololol

@xVegitox: That makes the two of us. I'm a big street fighter fan ;D

*kills slipknot*
Guess what I got...:D

The funny thing is I was really skeptical of how good the game was but low and behold I got (love) it.
Luckily for me I'm only semi-addicted so I'll definitely still make time for this comic. Enjoy for now though
Thanks for all the comments guys. Happy 2012 amigos!
Sweet! Hercule is kicking ass out there! Smart move on Lucidus' part
Kyle being Kyle and naturally hilarity ensues...enjoy my friends ;D

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas btw :D