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im here to read webcomics
my life mostly centers around pretty boys, k-pop, anime and manga, vocaloid and utattemita.
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cooly is so cute oh my goodness he is so adorable woah so cute really
shy people like that are so
everyone is so cute i think im dying
you should do a character page or something cuz they so damn cute damn
gavin is such a cutie omg
yikes poor rain
hope he gets an apology
when a couple finally confesses their feelings for each other they either kiss or have sex and the kiss is totally natural without any awkwardness
june is so cute >u<
gloomy bear is crying :I
XD XD im laughing sooo much at how many people are getting upset XD
this is just too funny
bwahaha XD
yeah i kinda imagined you would react like that if a bunch of people suddenly commented :P
oh jeez XD i started from the starting point and LOL
the whole "MAKE THEM PAY" idea of this is really funny XD
yeah people should have commented regularly by themselves and not just wait till the last second to comment in an attempt to save your comic :S
but i think this whole homestruck boy lessons thing is hilarious :3
dont end this comic! D: arhfngbgvlkvmf to suddenly end with DEATH is too heavy D:
don't~ stop. believing~
^srry that was necessary :|
feel better :) we'll wait so take your time ^u^
Dreamless Sleep
December 22nd, 2011
lololol me gusta
yay 2 updates ;u;
Dreamless Sleep
November 28th, 2011
omg this comic is soo cute :D
yush an update :'D
lol bl travels quickly xD
kyaaa~ soooo cute
so. very. cute! <3
awww so cute :3
lol love dem thinking ducks in the first panel xD
awwwww so cute raine :3
now lay down and snuggle with ur twin,June! /shot
lol i saw this page and giggled then the first thing i read was "stop giggling" xD such a cute scene :3
i hope raine thinks of something that will work