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To all those thinking george looks different: She's just got her hood down and H0ly no longer tones the pages so her hair is not as dark. She's still the same guys dont worry
@Lavender Okamari: I regret to inform you that charizard is only five foot seven
@wolfy: They do say that here. In the UK they legally have to put 'smoking kills' on the packets or they cant sell them.
I really, really love the aesthetics of this page. Wow <3
@eworm: Have you ever actually fought Whitney? She cries after you beat her and doesn't give you the badge at first. This is an accurate representation of her.
!!! I used to live really close to Burnley when I was a kid. About 40 minutes away!
You know he doesn't have to be drawing anything raunchy for him not to want to share it.

My sketchbook is as tame as can be, but it's personal and I don't really like people looking at it unless I choose to share it with them.
@eworm: Would you rather a regularly updated comic with extras and illustrations, or one that posts a page every other month with no word between pages?
Hey Sal. First of all! I really love the depth and movement in all of these panels, you've really pulled it off well <333

But I would like to say that the readability of this page is a little off, because Yumi and Miyuki keep switching which side of the panel they're on!

You might want to give this a read (, it explains what I mean.

I understand that they switch sides because the camera is doing a full 180, but it does it more than once, so it causes the page to be a bit confusing.

My advice would be to to keep Yumi on the right in the last panel (, which to me makes the most sense.
@Kami: For some reason, I always read '??' as 'Q'. Literally the letter. 'Kyoo'
@tdog199: '-the only one'
Don't misquote man, ain't cool :C
'Sat here' is just as correct as 'sitting here'. And it's correct because a piece of dialogue.
It's called non-standard english guys, also known as dialect. I'm from yorkshire, and it's a perfectly normal sentence.
If it was a formal piece of writing, such as an essay or a letter to someone important, then sure! 'Sat here' would not be correct.
But when you're writing dialogue for someone talking in general? There's no reason for everything to be in standard english.

Heard of giving a character a voice?
@mr.panic: Uni is not a comic, it's short for university :P
Oh goodness me, poor Thing :'c
omfg that letter
@Nora_Chroma: George is very much a girl's name, as well as a boy's. Often, George is used as a shortening for 'Georgina', which can also (and more commonly) be shortened to 'Georgie'.

But the name 'George' is a unisex name, just like 'Sam' or 'Alex'.

Whilst those names a mainly used by guys, they are still very much valid girl's names!

Have you ever read The Famous Five? One of the girls in the group was called George!
Ah, the fresh scent of H0ly abusing cute things at the deep dark hour of 12:00am

I feel kinda sorry for those who weren't expecting this :')
You guys are being awfully positive
H0ly just called it cute.
Cute. Guys, cute.

Do you know what this means?

The Pikachu will be slaughtered.
@shadowknight19100: George knows him as Brent actually. It's his surname, so it's not that strange that he'd answer with that when asked who he is.