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Hestia is so GORGEOUS!!! My favorite goddess so far (until you make something about Artemis, if you do that is)
September 16th, 2011
@Eternal Cry: No. Black is the name of the boy character while White is the girl character. In each Pokemon game, there's an evil team. The team in Black/White is Team Plasma. They're sorta like tree-hugging terrorists for pokemon. Or PETA on crack.
Castalia and Kane's son with Wes and Kes's daughter? Yesh?
This has to be Cat and Castilla's daughter. Look at her hair and face but the coloring is obviously Cat's. Plus Itzak's looks are very Doctory.
Here I thought Kes and Doctor would be Fire. I like Lio and Foxy as fire more though
Huh...I should tell my dad about that little "perfect" thing
Aw! Poor foxy :c
@Deda as you say captain! And I truly mean that.
I've been Reading this comic for about a month now and I read from the beginning to the disease part of the story in about 2 nights. I must say...your comments are EXTREMELY amusing to me. I find the way your mind works (from what I skim over in your comments, because I have no idea how long it takes you to write them put) most intriguing. From what I see often, you make people irritated and they often argue with you. Why? I'm honestly curious, why do you continue to leave comments when a years worth of history is against you?
Gaaah! Why can't he be mine :c Foxy~
Le Gasp!
I gotta say, every time I see that CC has updated, little shojo butterflies dance in my heart.

So the other day I went up to my friend and was like "you know what would look soooo good on you? A sex change!" and this lady behind me was like "wtf?!" but yeah...anyway.
Strip poker ain't got nothing on my freshmen PE days of strip tennis!
Horrible plan? Obviously some author is confused! I see absolutely nothing wrong with this plan!
Out of all the characters, Lio is definetly my favorite. I love all the covers you've done but this is, in my opinion, the most beautiful.
It's actually true about the satire thing. Glad to know it's not bull my teacher came up with. God...I think the teacher's my favorite in the shojo part of this comic
Reminds me so...SO much of my friend
Does the clothing have anything to do with the order? With the first wife's kids, it seems like the little button strip thing is "shorter, the younger" while the second wife's kids are on opposite sides and the the third wife's son is all alone (btw I do know the names)