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I'm not to be trusted around children.
I tend to be a bit socaily akward.
Jesus is my BFF. We hangout all the time.
You know.. go shopping, paint our nails, talk about boys.
I have a phobia of old people.
Sometimes unicorns appear in my bedroom
&& whisper sweet nothings to my dog.
Oh, and I have a dog.
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I suspect the last panel is Muggs sister. O:
I know how you feel. I realized I was into girls when I was in middle school. I was about 11 or 12. Ofcourse, there were signs when I was smaller, I notice that now. But growing up around people who hated and refused to accept gays made it hard for me to accept myself. I hated myself and repressed everything till I was about 13. That's when I came out to some of my close friends. I cried when telling them I was so scared of rejection. But, they accepted me(atleast some of them anyway..) and they showed me I wasn't an abomination. I'm still very wary about letting people know I'm gay. I still havn't even told my family. And I most likely never will. I love my family too much to have them look at me in a different way. (ohshyt. Did I write enough?!)
Ive been in all these situations. The third one was a little different though. I had to explain how you are BORN gay/lesbian/bi. You dont choose it.
Ugh yes. I was with this one chick who was obsessed with me. I could never hangout with my friends. She would always be there clinging to me. Dont get me wrong I love cuddling and snuggling.. but I prefer it when Im not around my friends and in public. Im shy about that kind of stuff...
:/ I feel ya girl. Pisses me off. I was constantly mocked by this asain guy in my class who always came up and asked me very personal sexual questions.
D: I know how you feel. This cute asain chick at my school... I stalk her and am always too chicken turd to talk to her. My friends always push me into her. I have to walk away awkwardly. <_> SIGH. One day.. my beautiful Con.. one day..
One of my friends asked me this and I pimp smacked their ass into oblivion. My face was like yours in the last panel. I love my friends but they can be so ignorant at times... their lucky I love'em so much. <_>