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I make games and sometimes draw stuff.
Currently most active on Twitter ( ) and Discord.
I have no idea why anyone would be here reading this but alright cool I guess.
Pretty much a dead account?
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@Guy: I have no idea if any of the authors on this comic still do sprite edits but godspeed on your quest friend
Ah, yes, stabbing. I see.
My kitty would always jump on my belly and now I just feel terrible for all the times I pushed her off, now that she's gone
@Yoskichu: correct.
took me almost all day but I did it
and so my first complete arc comes to an end. of sorts. I mean, I guess.
drawing all these pages took less effort than expected, probably due to how simplistic they are. maybe I'll try doing another mini-arc again in the future.
don't try this at home, kids
too bad gray chocolate is inedible
see... continuity... it wasn't filler......
I can't believe Hanna is dead.......
this is not filler...
Jojo's Bizarre Detective Agency
Firekitty realizes they are hungry, but there is NO FOOD. This is their story...
have I ever said how much I love how fluffy you draw hair? because even if I have, it bears repeating.
Looks a bit rough around the edges graphically but it seems like it could hold some promise. I'd have to see gameplay to say for sure though.
@LPG: I hope you realize that comment is more than four years old
@Yoskichu: Okay, look, I don't know why you couldn't take the hint the first time I deleted your comment, but those kinds of jokes just aren't funny.
I'm totally the same way. But also gay. So anyone that asks me about getting a boyfriend is probably going to get a few dirty looks before I give them the cat answer.
@catfire13: Nice name. I am choosing to believe you're not my long lost evil twin sister or something... because I never had a twin sister.