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I make games and sometimes draw stuff.
Currently most active on Twitter ( ) and Discord.
I have no idea why anyone would be here reading this but alright cool I guess.
Pretty much a dead account?
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short and sweet.
being able to reach an ending is a great plus for any comic
@Nova Ozuka: Yes, you are very late indeed, hahaha
I'm surprised there's anyone bothering to be gross around this ancient webcomic but if you thought there were no surviving authors to remove such vulgarity you are wrong!!
@Guy: I have no idea if any of the authors on this comic still do sprite edits but godspeed on your quest friend
Ah, yes, stabbing. I see.
My kitty would always jump on my belly and now I just feel terrible for all the times I pushed her off, now that she's gone
@Yoskichu: correct.
took me almost all day but I did it
and so my first complete arc comes to an end. of sorts. I mean, I guess.
drawing all these pages took less effort than expected, probably due to how simplistic they are. maybe I'll try doing another mini-arc again in the future.
don't try this at home, kids
too bad gray chocolate is inedible
see... continuity... it wasn't filler......
I can't believe Hanna is dead.......
this is not filler...
Jojo's Bizarre Detective Agency
Firekitty realizes they are hungry, but there is NO FOOD. This is their story...
have I ever said how much I love how fluffy you draw hair? because even if I have, it bears repeating.
Looks a bit rough around the edges graphically but it seems like it could hold some promise. I'd have to see gameplay to say for sure though.
@LPG: I hope you realize that comment is more than four years old