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8Dark Angel8
Hiya people of smackjeeves!
It's me, 8Dark Angel8 and you might know me from deviantart or you may not know me at all. Well, now you do. I plan on submitting my manga here, Dragon Princess, once I start it ^^'. I'll also be putting some random comics of me as one of the comics I'll be submitting.

And remember, I love you all. Yes you person infront of the laptop screen. I love you, except not really.
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I dont like being complimented on sometimes
So my teacher from last year saw me with my 'new look' (got a whole different haircut im usually used to and make up) and said this and me and my friend were like whut thats rude (not outloud ofcourse) then she tried to fix what she said afterwards after realizing being like "not that i was saying you werent pretty last year but this year, you look wow totally different, very pretty"
it was weird
@mslettucepeanutbutter: i've been trying to xD been busy lately with summer hw :s
So yeah, we went swimming yesterday and I saw a bunch of huge rocks and then it hit me....
@SassyThePokemonLover: yeah I was >n< it was painful but YAY ONE PIECE! XD
right after the cosplay event, we had to wait longer at the mall cause my sister and her boyfriend was watching a movie and we couldn't leave without them so I decided to go ice skating whilst I had my costume on which got people's attention and so they saw me fall on the ice the moment I stepped into the ice and it was embarrassing omg.... worse part, both my legs started to bleed and my elbow but it was so much fun hahaha I haven't skated for so long so I slipped, even though I actually knew how to skate pretty well
My love life
It's really complicated to have a long distance relationship.... sigh
I'd say that I have an unrequited love life

In all seriousness, I don't really have a love life. Just one with my favorite anime character <3 Edward Elric ladies and gents

Edward Elric(c) Hiromu Arakawa
Serious one for now, soz
this is a pretty serious comic but yeah... My friends are all precious to me, like you don't even understand. They're my everything. They are the reason I can keep going (goes the same for you watchers). They make me feel like I am wanted and needed, like I have a purpose in life, especially at the times when I just want to disappear. They're a huge part of my life and without them, I wouldn't know what I'd do. <3
This was so stupid
I have all my old manga that I attempted to make before and they were all just mary sue shit.... omg why.
The floor was super slippery. Good job for the workers who did it though, A+ on waxing it very well and perfectly.
so I got news that I might be in the varsity team for badminton (and varsity gets free bags xD) so I got a little too excited and fell inside the rolled up mat... I thought I broke my coach cause they wouldn't stop laughing and help me for a while.
Just randomly slaps me
it's like it doesn't want me to leave. *holds phone tightly* shh, don't worry phone-kun, I won't ever let you go...
I hate this. I want to be at school
so at our school, we have this day where we have to stay at home and do school at home. It's to practice if we ever have a problem at school and we had to stay at home to do work. We had to attend classes by logging in this website and do the work that's given to us. I had PE. I thought they would just let us chill for the day but noooooo we had to do 3 sets of push ups, sit ups, lunges, star jumps, and burpees. That didn't end well at all, I kept falling on my face from not moving for hours.
She's obsessed with socks. She finds them then puts them in my room all over the place and there's always this mountain of socks there... what the what
So many people have told me this over and over again because we have a lot of things in common

I don't even know how to respond to this, especially when they would just come up to the both of us and say that "you guys should get together" and stuff. I get too awk ahhhhhhhhhhh

Apparently, someone thought that we were a couple because we were isolated (reason is because we needed a quieter place so we could hear the guitar, he's amazing ahhh) but we're not together k? kthxbai
it's also on my profile
@axelbubble: :>
Why do kids like to approach me??? was I just cursed or something?

welp... I'm scared...
Just a filler wishing you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays!
Anime destroyed me... I regret nothing.
I'm an airbender. It's the only possible explanation.
He also does this other cute thing where he's only fictional ahahahaha....