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Yesssss!!!! You can do it Dylan!!!

(i've been waiting for this ever since Joa mentioned it omfh dudes in lingerie is my weakness GAHHHHHH)
pls be the lingerie pls be the lingerie
LOL poor guy!! I feel that awkwardness on a very personal level
oh gosh i hope he's all in one piece where he materializes.
I missed this comic! its so beautiful and well written, i cant wait for more :)
help me, i need to punch the screen every time that there's an update for this comic STOP BEING SO EFFING CUTE OMFG
Yes!! finally, sexy vampire love done right! ^O^
Please never stop this comic.... It's too amazing!!

Awesome page, and nice colouring!!
Can't wait to see where this story goes ^.^
Awww I love Zeldas design!!
So cool!

Btw, because of this comic I fear I might start shipping Link and Ganon... which is something that I hoped I never would do...
French can be sexy... But when you listen to your boyfriends insane family screech at each other in it all the time (which I find hilarious btw) it looses it's sexiness, lol. I guess also living in a bilingual city makes you used to hearing it. This is supremely cute btw.
April 9th, 2013
the sketchy-ness is wonderful!!
So happy that the story is continuing
I think he's interested in that fine uke ass.... If you ask me. lol JK
J-J-July!??!! Wow, I'm really glad your still doing this!! It's a treat for the mind and for the eyes ^.^
The T-Rex makes me sad.....
My polar bears' name is Mr. Snowball. We actually got him from a polar bear rescue shelter when he was only a cub.
Love him to pieces, except for when my pet beaver got loose and Mr. Snowball almost ended up eating it.... Good thing I had my specially designed Nerf Gun that shoots maple syrup instead of bullets!! I simply sprayed the area with a layer of the sugary substance and stopped the raging polar bear right in his tracks. Both

Thank goodness my parents were too busy watching Hockey inside our igloo to notice what he tried to do, they might have had Mr. Snowball put down!! T-T
Never forget, Dylan, that some of the greatest thinkers, inventors and artists throughout history were considered "Nerds" until what they were doing made them famous.

"Nerds" have been behind some of the most important accomplishments in history (namely more than half of the technology that we have available today).

Don't think that what you love is worthless because popular culture deems it so.
..... ARGGGGGGGGGHHH!!!! What a flaming A**hole!!

(btw,I love his cell charm! Oshawott!!)