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December 5th, 2017
LOL I feel her pain, being expected to make such a big decision from a young age is so unfair
November 27th, 2017

I just want to say i love the detail that you put into these pages, all the little things going on in the background.

So well done!!
heheheeeee, love it so much!!!! I love the suspense!!
btw this looking amazing, keep up the fantastic work!!
UPDATE YESS!!!!! Cant wait to find out where this goes ^__^

Time to get started with this awesome story!!!
I love this artwork so much T_T
This looks like its going to be a great story!!
WOW that was one hell of a cliffhanger!!

Welcome back!!!
this comic is so beautiful, thank-you so much for the update!!!
this was a journey
Yesssss!!!! You can do it Dylan!!!

(i've been waiting for this ever since Joa mentioned it omfh dudes in lingerie is my weakness GAHHHHHH)
pls be the lingerie pls be the lingerie
LOL poor guy!! I feel that awkwardness on a very personal level
oh gosh i hope he's all in one piece where he materializes.
I missed this comic! its so beautiful and well written, i cant wait for more :)
help me, i need to punch the screen every time that there's an update for this comic STOP BEING SO EFFING CUTE OMFG
Yes!! finally, sexy vampire love done right! ^O^
Please never stop this comic.... It's too amazing!!