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I like swords.....thats about it....Oh and explosives they are fun too.....oh and on a diffrent note always remember the cake is a lie
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    Dean Laidler
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Hooray saved.....but im sure that armor is strangly familier
Not without smashing it...but i need a way to smash it first
Teleportation but that modual is inside my blaster arm
when i activated it instead of sending me to one place is seporated me into meny places
There is a metal fence stopping me at the moment
Im back from my two weeks away and i like what you guys have came up with but.....WHY HAS NO ONE GETTEN ME DOWN FROM THAT LEDGE!!!
How come when ever zach points his sword at someone it looks like he should be shouting OBJECTION!!
please dont.....but i am worryed about who found my arm
I dont have blood so Im not really worred
Sorry Omega Kinny has the blaster
also Kinny has already clamed my blaster arm for his update
Ok guys i this sunday i will not be able to update for two weeks due to me being away for that lengh of time...Please dont forget about me.
Im still waiting for my head to appear on top of the Fridge inside Kinny's and Zach's room
The him turning into a girl was his idea....i had to do everything elce
Ill think about it....heh heh heh
....Before anyone says anything This blaster test was Zachs Idea.....i liked it though so i did it
And the normal stairs are still back
Hey the normal stairs are back
That what he did was better than what i was going to do.....Blow up the couch and cause him to become black with soot
Im not sure maybe when i get hold of his sprites ill see what i can do