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i like cute things, sour candies, and being silly. Also I love comics and making friends ;www;)))<3
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@MegaAnimeFreak7: HEHEE...I'm...GLAD??? sdflhjbsd thanks for reading uwahhh~~~

@CelestialTeez(guest): UWAH i'm glad, i was so excited to make this sasha's morning section AHHAHA ;;
@Xrs: AHH IM HAPPY YOU LIKED IT~~~ its okay...i have...yaoi feelings too...HAHAHA I DID THAT TOTALLY ON PURPOSE /laugh of the fujoshi/

@blistered: AWW im so happy dsflhbsdfhjlsfbd uwahh i'm glad you could relate to him hehehehehehehe....thanks for readin~

@M-24: AHAHH I OFTEN SAY THE SAME THING AS I DRAW MY poor ocs, i love to make their lives difficult..huhu thanks so much for the comment ;;<333

@reapervampire: I MISSED YOU TOO ;AAA;))) gomennn nasaiii~~
AHAHAH IS HEEE i suppose we'll have to see about that...huhu thank you so much for your support ;w;

@kamishiro(guest): THANK //YOU// (///w///) <333

@coco(guest): THANK YOU i'm so happy you liked it~~~ thanks so much ;w;

@kewe: WAHAAHAH they slept through all the fun...THANK YOU FOR READING im so happy you liked it ;w;)))

@CelestialTeez(guest): I'm happy you can enjoy blushing as much as i do (u///w////u)))<33

@LazyReader(guest): AHAHA it totally does, people get lost in our neighborhood all the time...oh AMerica...
the travails of colleen....
sorry sasha U WERE SHUT DOWN SON ^^;;;;
April 26th, 2013
@CelestialTeez(guest): AHAHA thank you im so happy you think she's cute ;'D sdflhbdfslhsdbf<333

@reapervampire: AHAHA SUPPOSEDLY FOR NOW...but this shall change i'm guessing ;) AWWW CUTIE YOU ARE SASHA'S NUMBER 1 FAN AHHAHA<3

@bunkun: AHAHA YES you guys can get lost each others eyez i mean KAWINK sorry ahaha... AHH thank you i took your advice hehe<w33

@kewe: AHAHAH HE IS SO BASHFUL srflbsf thank you for such a sweet comment<3 ;)

@Red Riding Hood (Guest): Ohh i'm glad you liked the Oz movie! i thought it was pretty entertaining!!! I'm glad you think sasha is cute bwahhh~~

@SignorinaAlli: OMG OH NO I KNOW JUST WHAT YOU MEAN..i'm glad you can empathize hahaha!!

@kamishiro(Guest): Its actually blond but this colour scheme made it green...sort of strange right ;www; ))

@lean(Guest): AH IT IS i updated it today! sorry for such a long wait TT TT

@Peanats: OMG IM SO HAPPY ahh that comment really made me smile thanks a lot!!! i hope you can continue to enjoy it ;w;
April 26th, 2013
the last page for this update! stay tuned for 3 pages next friday :'D

if you started here, make sure you go to THIS page for all the new pages:

thanks everyone for being sweet and patient!!! i hope you enjoyed the update ;wwww; ))) !!!
April 26th, 2013
sasha's sad story....LMAO
this is also the first time you are seeing con and misha's parents...ahaha sorry they are so chibi LMAO
food always makes sasha happier LOL
April 26th, 2013
four page update YEYUHHHH
April 26th, 2013
AHHH sorry for such a long absence!! i have been busy finishing up my ESL certification class!!! i have almost everything done now (my teaching experience hours are due the first week of may....)
ANYWAY thanks for being patient I am going to update with FOUR PAGES WOOHOO then next week I'll have a three page update!!! i hope that sort of makes up for my inactivity....sorry again i'm really embarrassed but...
THANK YOU FOR STICKING WITH ME I LOVE YOU GUYS ;A; )))<3 it was nice reading so much since i missed a few updates..!! ahhh the plot thickens i really love this softer side of sasha i still feel really bad for ruthie still but ahh thats how it is to be young i suppose...poor little wallflower ;A; i hope she gets some closure~
March 13th, 2013
@AlternateName: HAHAHAH I JUST LIKE TO DRAW CUTE THINGS YOU'VE FIGURED IT OUT sdflhbsfdljbhd my secret...can you keep it for me HAHAHAHA<33

@bunkun: I DO TOO...well, sometimes Asdflbhfsd I wish i had her outfits anyway... OMG I READ THAT AS MY BODY AND I WAS LIKE NICOLE WHAT GETTING STEAMY IN THE COMMENTS jkjk dflhbsdf yes your son, sasha. you should straighten his hair, i'm curious how it'd look uncurly suddenly...

@noelle(guest): HAHAHA THANK YOU i'm glad you think so!!! ahahbflshdf colleen uwahh i'm so happy you like her~~ u w u ))<3

@reapervampire: OMG /wakes you up with more cuteness??? AHHAAH you are so adorable omg<333

@3o-s-knight: HAHAHA NOT...YET....BUT NEARLY....hehe thank you I hope it turned out okay~~

@CelestialTeez(guest): THANK YOU~~ AHHH grammar mistakes ahhahaha thanks so much i'll change that ^^;;; HEHE I HOPE IT TURNS OUT OKAY~
S-sorry for the late replies ^^;;;

@tiki: I am taking a course called TEFL its online~ it's REALLY nice! just google tefl academy!! :) hope that helps ;w;

@bunkun: YEAHHHHHH dsflhbsdflhsfd already i hit a glitch on the new day WEHHH but i hope it works out okay!! THANK U

@+bird+(guest) WAHH THANK YOU!!! sflhbsdflhb<333

@kewe: OH MAN REALLY no thats not weird at all that's where it all began~*~*~ i totally remember your art too hehehe!!!

@3o-s-knight: dsflhbsdf thanks for supporting me cutie~~~ *w*
March 13th, 2013

sorry the page is so late, my tablet has been having issues...which is why this page is pretty different, i couldn't get the line width to work
It's working now though ahhh (i was halfway though the page when i got it to work again ^^;;; )
anyway, what do you think of the line width more uniform? just curious hehe
ahhh sorry for such a long wait =w= ---o
poor sasha...lost....why were you wandering around anyway you silly boy
luckily, plucky anime heroine colleen is always there to help a bishie in need
oh gosh i need to go lay down and think about my life choices AHHAHAHA....

sdfhlbhfsdlh ahhh so it progresses i hope they do get to talk ;w; ))<3 i love the minicomic too!!! ahhh this comic<333
OMG MY HEART sdfhjlsdbldhjsfb omg daichi TELLIN IT LIKE IT IS poor kai U OK KAI /pets him/
wahhh~ so i have been taking an online class lately for a teaching certification and all my assignments are due on fridays and sundays so its been sort of difficult for me to keep up on pages for fridays (because i'm a terrible procrastinator SOBS) anyway, I'm going to start updating PostScript on ~*~Tuesdays~*~ from now on!!! /feels bad/
so stick around on tuesday this week's page will be coming out~ sorry for the delay ;w; here's a bonus picture anyway u w u)))
February 23rd, 2013
@reapervampire: oh gosh you are too cute for me sdfhbsdfldhjsfb LMAOO /pinches your cheeks sdflhbsdflh I HOPE YOU CAN ENJOY IT >w<

@bunkun: STRUTTIN HER STUFF she's the most kawaii street walker AHHAHA shoujo bishonen only thoughz~


@+bird+(guest): HAHAHA colleen's opinion on that is quite formidable!! but yes...preparing herself might become necessary hehe...

@Schizo-and-Phrenic: wahh what a cool sn sdlhbfsdlhj OHHH OH MY IM SORRY THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN QUITE A SCENE gosh what an idea /walks off thinking about it and daydreaming some results...HAHAHA

@emicago: sdflhbdfslhjb THANK YOUUUU i hope i don't disappoint ^w~)))<33
February 23rd, 2013
oh dear i'm so sorry for the late page i got bogged down a bit with work @A@;;; dsfhlbsdflh
anyway, I hope you can enjoy it ^^;
thank you for all the comments and cute words, I really, really appreciate it 8 w 8 )))<333

ALSO on a sidenote, did you know today is the anniversary of the first time I drew sasha and misha??? AHHH ITS CRAZY I started drawing them all the way back in 2011. i think they sprung into form on an oekaki board! oh gosh...what a crazy ride its been since then~~~ ^^;
February 15th, 2013
@3o-s-knight: ITS OKAY DONT WORRY despite her crush it is not supposed to be shippable...and very one sided hehe KEEP YOUR SHIP ;)
February 15th, 2013
@noelle (Guest): sdflhbsdlhjfb YES the BEST KIND OF ROMANCE~*~

@reapervampire: sdfbhlsdlfhb yes you can~ AHHAHA YES INDEEDY~ thank you ;w;

@bunkun: LOVE NYAN i made that for you nicole LOLOLOL /secretz out
THANK YOU SO MUCH the last panel is my fav too...

@3o-s-knight: YOU SHALL SEE~~ colleen and con is definitely a pairing i've thought a lot about HEH HEH... THank you so much :')

@emicago: AWW THANKS EMI SOBBBBB sdflhbdsfl i want that bag...sdfhjlb hehe<33