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i like cute things, sour candies, and being silly. Also I love comics and making friends ;www;)))<3

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Comment on ch 5 pg 8 of PostScript
thryn, 03 May 2013 08:46 pm
@MegaAnimeFreak7: HEHEE...I'm...GLAD??? sdflhjbsd thanks for reading uwahhh~~~

@CelestialTeez(guest): UWAH i'm glad, i was so excited to make this sasha's morning section AHHAHA ;;
Comment on ch 5 pg 9 of PostScript
thryn, 03 May 2013 08:45 pm
@Xrs: AHH IM HAPPY YOU LIKED IT~~~ its okay...i have...yaoi feelings too...HAHAHA I DID THAT TOTALLY ON PURPOSE /laugh of the fujoshi/

@blistered: AWW im so happy dsflhbsdfhjlsfbd uwahh i'm glad you could relate to him hehehehehehehe....thanks for readin~

@M-24: AHAHH I OFTEN SAY THE SAME THING AS I DRAW MY poor ocs, i love to make their lives difficult..huhu thanks so much for the comment ;;<333

@reapervampire: I MISSED YOU TOO ;AAA;))) gomennn nasaiii~~
AHAHAH IS HEEE i suppose we'll have to see about that...huhu thank you so much for your support ;w;

@kamishiro(guest): THANK //YOU// (///w///) <333

@coco(guest): THANK YOU i'm so happy you liked it~~~ thanks so much ;w;

@kewe: WAHAAHAH they slept through all the fun...THANK YOU FOR READING im so happy you liked it ;w;)))

@CelestialTeez(guest): I'm happy you can enjoy blushing as much as i do (u///w////u)))<33

@LazyReader(guest): AHAHA it totally does, people get lost in our neighborhood all the time...oh AMerica...
Comment on ch 5 pg 10 of PostScript
thryn, 03 May 2013 08:28 pm
the travails of colleen....
sorry sasha U WERE SHUT DOWN SON ^^;;;;
Comment on ch 5 pg 5 of PostScript
thryn, 26 Apr 2013 02:07 pm
@CelestialTeez(guest): AHAHA thank you im so happy you think she's cute ;'D sdflhbdfslhsdbf<333

@reapervampire: AHAHA SUPPOSEDLY FOR NOW...but this shall change i'm guessing ;) AWWW CUTIE YOU ARE SASHA'S NUMBER 1 FAN AHHAHA<3

@bunkun: AHAHA YES you guys can get lost each others eyez i mean KAWINK sorry ahaha... AHH thank you i took your advice hehe<w33

@kewe: AHAHAH HE IS SO BASHFUL srflbsf thank you for such a sweet comment<3 ;)

@Red Riding Hood (Guest): Ohh i'm glad you liked the Oz movie! i thought it was pretty entertaining!!! I'm glad you think sasha is cute bwahhh~~

@SignorinaAlli: OMG OH NO I KNOW JUST WHAT YOU MEAN..i'm glad you can empathize hahaha!!

@kamishiro(Guest): Its actually blond but this colour scheme made it green...sort of strange right ;www; ))

@lean(Guest): AH IT IS i updated it today! sorry for such a long wait TT TT

@Peanats: OMG IM SO HAPPY ahh that comment really made me smile thanks a lot!!! i hope you can continue to enjoy it ;w;
Comment on ch 5 pg 9 of PostScript
thryn, 26 Apr 2013 01:42 pm
the last page for this update! stay tuned for 3 pages next friday :'D

if you started here, make sure you go to THIS page for all the new pages:

thanks everyone for being sweet and patient!!! i hope you enjoyed the update ;wwww; ))) !!!
Comment on ch 5 pg 8 of PostScript
thryn, 26 Apr 2013 01:40 pm
sasha's sad story....LMAO
this is also the first time you are seeing con and misha's parents...ahaha sorry they are so chibi LMAO
food always makes sasha happier LOL
Comment on ch 5 pg 7 of PostScript
thryn, 26 Apr 2013 01:40 pm
four page update YEYUHHHH
Comment on ch 5 pg 6 of PostScript
thryn, 26 Apr 2013 01:39 pm
AHHH sorry for such a long absence!! i have been busy finishing up my ESL certification class!!! i have almost everything done now (my teaching experience hours are due the first week of may....)
ANYWAY thanks for being patient I am going to update with FOUR PAGES WOOHOO then next week I'll have a three page update!!! i hope that sort of makes up for my inactivity....sorry again i'm really embarrassed but...
Comment on page 625 of The Summer of Blake Sinclair
thryn, 31 Mar 2013 02:30 pm it was nice reading so much since i missed a few updates..!! ahhh the plot thickens i really love this softer side of sasha i still feel really bad for ruthie still but ahh thats how it is to be young i suppose...poor little wallflower ;A; i hope she gets some closure~
Comment on ch 5 pg 4 of PostScript
thryn, 13 Mar 2013 03:42 am
@AlternateName: HAHAHAH I JUST LIKE TO DRAW CUTE THINGS YOU'VE FIGURED IT OUT sdflhbsfdljbhd my secret...can you keep it for me HAHAHAHA<33

@bunkun: I DO TOO...well, sometimes Asdflbhfsd I wish i had her outfits anyway... OMG I READ THAT AS MY BODY AND I WAS LIKE NICOLE WHAT GETTING STEAMY IN THE COMMENTS jkjk dflhbsdf yes your son, sasha. you should straighten his hair, i'm curious how it'd look uncurly suddenly...

@noelle(guest): HAHAHA THANK YOU i'm glad you think so!!! ahahbflshdf colleen uwahh i'm so happy you like her~~ u w u ))<3

@reapervampire: OMG /wakes you up with more cuteness??? AHHAAH you are so adorable omg<333

@3o-s-knight: HAHAHA NOT...YET....BUT NEARLY....hehe thank you I hope it turned out okay~~

@CelestialTeez(guest): THANK YOU~~ AHHH grammar mistakes ahhahaha thanks so much i'll change that ^^;;; HEHE I HOPE IT TURNS OUT OKAY~

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