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I'm too lazy right now... maybe later
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April 11th, 2012
Oh my!! Love the first panel! This girl, even though she is crazy and everything, she looks so badass!! XD But nooooo!!! Don't kiss him >.< he is only for Vodka!!! lol
KYA~!!!! >///////<

@angelperez: OMG! Angel I was wandering if you could put volume 1 for download like people do with manga >.< Because I want to have it in my collection and I was going to save every page from the beginning... but they are a lot!! OTL
April 2nd, 2012
yay!!! Fanservice!!!! :D
I'm sorry for what happened :( It must be really annoying... but don't worry :) I -and I think that everyone else, can wait ^^ The same goes for your other comic! :D So, good luck with everything!
March 12th, 2012
Oh my~! Sorry!! I didn't notice your last updated!!!! So when I click on your comic I saw two new pages!!! XD These pages look awesome!!!

Vodka, come and save Cole!!! >.< But before that, give us a few more pages with him shirtless, you can even join!!! lol He looks so vulnerable and oblivious... but so cute~!!! Anyways... that place look creepy!! Something bad is going to happen... NO~!! >.<

Enjoy your trip to Colorado!! ^^
March 3rd, 2012
Bitch Slap XD EPIC
"Don't talk to me!!!"'
"No... you forgot your bag..."

hahaha this page is so awesome!!! \(^0^)/
March 3rd, 2012
Even though this comic wasn't longer that I expected I love how it ended, plus you said from the beginning that this was a one-shot if I'm not wrong and you stocked up with that ^^

I think this was a great story and the art was beautiful!! I will be waiting for your new work if there is one :D

Thanks for sharing this one with us!!
hahaha "Go fuck yourselves!"
And I agree with PyroAries, the third panel looks amazing!!! :O
Love it!!
I think this is my first time commenting, because I really don't remember if I did it before XD If I'm wrong then just forget this part lol

Anyways, I love your art style and the story is amazing, I love it!!! I like Ruthie a lot, but my favorite character until know it's Sasha!!! I love his personality and his looks! And right now, I'm starting to like this pairing, hahaha they look cute together!! ^^
February 25th, 2012
I love the way it ended! XD Maybe Kondo felt jealous? >///< lol

I vote for Chemistry, because I think it's more interesting XD
February 24th, 2012
hahaha this page has so many random things like the one llamakid and Sunhuai found XD I like it!!! Oh my!! Luke and Rasputin are so awkward together!! XD But that makes them cute!!! Kya~ >//< <333333 I can feel that both of them have something for the other but they are not sure or they don't want to accept it or they are just afraid XD hahaha
February 23rd, 2012
Oh my... what is he going to do!?!? >///<

The troll won because of the amount of likes, but we won an extra scholarship that they gave ^^(Even though we are the real winners XD) You can check CCS's facebook to know more about it ^^ Thank you very much for voting!!! :D
It has been a really long time... but awesome, an update!!! YAY!!

I like your comic ^^ hehe
February 20th, 2012
Hi! This is my first time commenting! :D
I like your comic!! The story and the art are both awesome!! ^^ I'm happy that the hiatus is over!!

What they say? What happened before!?!? >.< I wanna know!!! Anyways, Luke looks really cute/hot in this page <3333
Kya~!!! So HOT!!!! >///< Sexy pirates FTW!! XD
February 13th, 2012
aww... she is alone :(
February 10th, 2012
I like this page!!!! >_< It's not simple-ass at all!!! I love Kae's face in the last panel!! So cute!! XD Akai won the poll, yay!! I voted for him in this one :P

So your b-day was last week? Congrats!!! ^^ If you are a nerd then I'm too, because I'm taking all the advanced classes too plus my school is specialized in visual arts, so I have a lot with my architecture workshop OTL
Did I read pirate manga!?!? Pirates are awesome!! And what a coincidence, I started to watch One Piece like two weeks ago and I'm addicted!!! XD I will love to read it!! ^^
February 10th, 2012
It's really looking bad! >.<
Asdfghjkl!!! What?! Do hurt Cole, weird bloody girl!!! >_< Vodka, come to the rescue of your girly man!! T^T She is going to rape him!! XD

I like every panel but the last one was pretty awesome!!! So well done!! :O I get the feeling of losing consciousness too XD

About the penpal girl, we stopped to write to each other because of school work so we have lost contact :( Maybe I won't be able to see those boss envelopes XD But anyways, I have a lot of opportunities in the future to have a penpal ^^
February 9th, 2012
"Hullo Pauly, you look awfy tasty." lol FTW

I like so much your art style!! ^^
February 7th, 2012
I really like your comic, so I'm happy that you updated ^^

Her dad is cool XD Octy-Pus... aww that is so cute!! lol