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I also play Overwatch on pc. I've learned to just ignore the salt. They're just mad at your riptires blowing up everything they've known and loved.
I suppose I should probably not mention I have 20/10 vision here...
Omg, no!
Please don't make this prompt him to get his hair cut again!! Tables will be flipped!!!
Not going to lie. I'd completely forgotten about this comic, but I fully look forward to reading it again. Welcome back!
It's okay. Limbs grow back eventually.

I'm so glad that I'm a natural ginger...
Yep... I have a friend /exactly/ like this. They have the craziest as hell dreams (half makes me wonder about their mentality) and they constantly feel the need to tell me about them. In explicit detail. *melts into the floor like a wet witch*
But... but... but... It's my /birthday/ this next Sunday!! You HAVE to update!!! *cries forever*
Oh Gawd
Is this going where I think it's going!?!?
God I Just!!!
Cannot get enough of these two!! They're so freaking cute! I get excited when things update, but I /squee/ every time I see "Transfusions" on the list of things that updated.

Thank you so much for the extra page!
May 18th, 2014
Awe... poor Taka. :(
And now he's on the right shoulder. Magic.
First we have the left shoulder.
@Ares: Not many people do try to impress their fruit.
I personally don't think this really needs a filter. Not yet anyway. If anything starts getting steamy, then yes, by all means, filter it, lol. Or if it just makes you feel better.
Omg, is that critter Deimos?
@Roberta Keehl: Stay tuned!
So... like... three years since page one next week.

Damn, your drawing skeelz have /sky rocketed/ since then. Amazing work! Always has been, and just keeps getting better. Keep it up! And hope your health returns soon. I've been under as well due to the lousy weather *shakes fist*.

Meanwhile... I'm going to go continue giggling at Shuno's tent.
Yeah... if only it were that easy. I've so many languages I wish I knew.