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likes:spriting,fighting......other stuff
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    derek the one and only
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@wolf_rider:some of them yes
new year new look
@Draven22: never!!!! *run away*
@blazikendude: dude im bout to make the comic
@Draven22: what he not gold
derek super form
yes ill show you it
@Delta&Tilly: cool im your new house mate ^^
@foxpuff: oh iight hmmm try the green stairway theres alot of doors there
@Senalcoolage: i agree
@foxpuff: ugh really you want this room too
@kwane: yes im like ssj3 goku lolz
oh so thats drizzle
does anybody got that room already
whos FC is this anyway?
this is where everybody's at right?
sorry i had alot of stuff on my hands so i could not make a comic but i finally knocked out all of it soo what happening so far