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I'm a scriptwriter and unfortunately can't draw (stick figures don't count, I guess... :P) My current project here is called Daëlites, it's a Boy's Love/Fantasy manga.
I write Scifi, Fantasy and er... weird short stories and novels. In French for now, because yes, I'm French.
Enchanté! :D
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@mahigan: Hey mahigan, thanks for the comment ^^
Well... I didn't know Black Dagger Brotherhood before you mention it, so I don't know Wrath :P But I really like this kind of character, silent and imposing... :D
@Lunawyn: Thank you so much!! I'll post the next pages very soon!! :D
@<3: Ahaha, thank you ;)
@snow crystal: 2 new pages are online :D Thank you ;)
Chapter 02!
Here you go, chapter 02!
@ErichaeBeans: Hey ErichaeBeans! And thank you! This extra was not supposed to be published at first so I just forgot the content warning...! So thanks again for the reminder ;)
@never3kno: Eagle's dream can be...weird (and hot)... :P
@c:<: Ahaha, yeah, that's an option, maybe XD
May 24th, 2012
@Glithonel: thanks for your comment ^^ Any kind of comment about our comic is welcome so don't worry, no offense here ;)
@Herp Da Derp: Damn, sorry, our translator is still too busy... :/ I'll try to translate myself without making too many mistakes!
And thank you, I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming pages :D (new page out today :D)
I'm soooo late! Sorry.. Our translator is too busy so she can't help us and... well, my English is not good enough to translate the comic without making a few (a lot?) mistakes...
@Jinx911: Hello Jinx911! Yes, this comic is still active! But we're short on translators :P I hope to update the english version very soon (probably by this week-end, at least one page!)

Thank you!! :D
Run for your life!!
A quieter area, you say...
Meet Elaan
So, this guy (yes, it's a guy) is one of Eagle's lovers. He's called Elaan and as you can see, he has no patience... :P
February 18th, 2012
@Malova: Hey Malova ^^ Well... I must say I'm the same... XD So no, it's not bad at all :D
@Fhar: They just disappeared :)
What if Deli became a monster like this?...
@Soul.: Thanks, Soul! Real pieces of BL will come, thank you for your patience :D :D
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