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Mrs Spawn Kill
Hi, im Mrs Spawn Kill. I enjoy many 8-bit games. I enjoy the Mega Man series the most. My favourites being, 2,9,10,X1 and Zero 1. I have yet to play the Starforce, ZX,Exe and Legends Series.
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    Spawn Kill
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Air Man will win. He can NEVER be defeated.
Whats the joke?
So...its basicly a Vegeta recolour? I guess its better than Sonic recolours...
Do the Portal 2 version. You would have more reference, and it looks cooler.
Sonic definatly would like this guy.
Awesome! Too bad hes the easiest robot master to defeat in the whole series -_-
How come Ice Man is there?
And support from the colour orange.
This comic is so awesome.
Dr Light is not gonna be happy when he comes home.
Those are supposed to be bushes...but thanks for the advice anyway!
This comic would actually be kind of interesting...if it looked good. Make your panels a little bigger. When you select the part of the background you want to use, go to stretch/skew and type 200%. They are SO small. And you should proofread before you send this comic to the internet. Soras speech colour is also a little hard to read. Make it darker.

The pacing isn't very good. Maybe you should slow it down a little. To see the characters interact with eachother and introdouce us to them.
Don't worry guys. You will beat him! In 20 years...
Its your basic Superhero movie.
Boom! Hehe...can't wait for that.
I made this using the tilesets on Sprites inc.
I just like doing that.