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Maia is a high school student in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Two happy things at once! I'm now in your comic AND there's a kickstarter! I will donate as soon as I get money. :D
September 7th, 2012
This must be terribly awkward for all involved. And simultaneously hilarious!
Oh shit, they got Mulligan's hat, too? Atty and Mulligan should team up, their combined rage could destroy anything.
This is gonna be good!

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but your author comments thingy got the Portal 2 song stuck in my head. I don't mind. :D
I don't comment much, but I just wanna say...
I always look foreword to when this comic updates. This story makes me think of something Neil Gaiman would write if he took the adorable approach.
Keep up the excellent work; you're awesome!
I never comment, but...
I think I started reading your comic sometime in late spring, but I've been a fan of PoY for at least a year. You and Gibson are both incredibally awesome and posses mad skills, and I'm so glad you're taking the time to put your badassery out on the web! Happy New Years, and good luck in 2012! I'll be sure to keep reading as long as you keep posting!
I spy a derp face in that last panel... xD
I Want to Be Mad at Andy
But I would be pissed off, too. Whatever he's doing, Patrick was waaay worse. Of course, I feel bad for everybody else... they took the BS from Patrick but now they have to take it from Andy too. xD