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If you're in the 801-pro group you can call me Chico!
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Species: forest spirit
Age: Been around at least since the ancient Greece
Height : 5'10 1/2"
Likes: wandering around and looking at the sky, painting things on her face to look prettier, telling stories about her past to people she's comfortable with, collecting pretty pebbles and shells and so on
Dislikes: being around too many people, eating in front of others
Sexuality: Demisexual

- living for a long time has gotten Pelagia very scatterbrained and she's the kind of creature to water flowers when it's raining
- Her hair grows down her back all the way to her tiny tail that wags 98% of time when she's happy, she also keeps her hair braided all the way down to her tail
- She's shy and gets easily self-conscious about the way she looks, especially her face
- Her teeth are sharp
I'm going to do my best and draw something! I'm gonna try my best! And you're all going to be amazed how sucky my drawings are!
He's pretty damn cool looking ;^d
May 23rd, 2014
I really like this colouring. It's simple and fits the comic really well :^D
Oh my.
April 20th, 2014
i can't read japanese so what does it say?
April 20th, 2014
Oh my~~
~I'm glad to see how much everything you've drawn while I was gone and all. Your comics are seriously cute as... cute assssss.. anyway cute! No but anyway I am now having this hot ass senpai thrown on my face and loving it!
April 8th, 2014
I still think mr. Noface is totally hot
He's such a hot dad I think I'm in love. I know the beard is supposed to make him look shaggy and stuff but I find it really cute. I can't stand you and your cute art.
Also hello, I am back ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
But I wasn't able to take this page seriously when this was playing in the background...
You can't be
@Generic Anon: ...I giggled too... Must have been the DEATH GLARE!
This dorky relationship of theirs is the cutest thing ever! Silva is trying to be a good big brother but failing a lot. And Imma think of how to continue!
The thing is I might not be able to submit anytime soon because my computer time has been cut down to school work and occasional email checking.. I had to sneak on the computer to read this.
(also Silva you sneaky bitch. You just thinked he suits your tastes more than Parker)
I just..... I cannot
I'm staring at Samu's body. He looks like Long Cat. Dayum. No offence.

I'm not able to draw this stuff. If I ever tried it would propably look like a police dog's vomit or a camel taking a poop. Sorry man.. I am not worthy.. TT^TT
@Pooie: Oh! If you drew without refs it's okay and you remembered pretty well anyway. (Thankyouthankyou I was worried because I had no idea what to do next! ^^)
@Pooie: I just noticed that Samu has human ears even though he should have those stupid looking dog ears.

Also, I'll try to think of something but my as I said the time you spent improving yourself I have been slacking off and my drawings are even worse that what they used to be...
I haven't drawn much either! ^^
No really. I can't draw anymore. My skillz have left me...

And freaking Silva! That's my boy!
Yay for equality!
Thasso AWESOME! I just adore how Ivan's face is drawn in the upper picture :D
@ailea: naw :3 I didn't join at the beginni9ng either but I got the idea of how everything works really fast :P
Guess who's in there. Ô_Ô

(It's not clive and kaleb)

This page is completely done by
I did nothing.
And this is how it begins...
There's going to be another page up today and a lot of pages we're working on.
Also if you happen to know how scottish people talk (while it still would be mostly english so everyone understands) please feel free to tell us how we should write something.

/Shawn's thinking bubbles are in normal english/
Introducing Shawn the Awkward Dragon
Name: Shawn (the Awkward Dragon)

Species: Dragon

Age: Was born during the Middle Ages so I guess he’s around 900 years

Orientation: Bi

Role: Seme

Likes: Shiny metallic stuff, telling about himself in the internet, humans, his mom, all his thumblr followers (even the one who can’t make up his mind), big breasted shy girls, uke boys with same kind of personality like Samu’s

Dislikes: Semes and sekes (He isn’t the one to be topped), mating season (He goes into hiding during it), prejudices, sweet rolls

Personality: Cheerful, douche and other dragon like stuff

Background: Shawn was happily living in his home cave when one day he realized that he was running out of space due to his obsession with pretty things. It was either to throw some stuff away or get a second place to live in. For him there was only one opinion. He found about Amsden through an add in the internet applied to him by one of his followers.

P.S. Because he is a dragon normal human morals and rules don’t apply to him. (For example he thinks eating ones own babies to survive is okay (he’s still not a brute))This sometimes causes awkward situations with humans. Mostly he doesn’t understand if he did anything wrong.


This is Shawn, my and my sister's character. Let's take good care of him. (NOT... -shot-)
Also his Scottish (if it doesn't say it up there...) and when he talks he uses some scottish words.