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Lol the egg
Awesome a grovyle! :D
I wish that would happen in the middle of battle in the game :)
@bananakin: Yup, the parent has to be a pikachu and be holding a light orb. I have a light orb, but it took me forever to get it. On a positive note though, I caught a shiny pichu and 30 pikachus while looking for one.
He looks so awesome in the final panel
No way, it would have been overdone if he fainted or something like that :P
I saw he won't help, but the pokeball will have no affect >:D
wasn't a fan either :3
I love Squirtle-Squishy's expression as a Ditto. He's like, "Back up."
Patch in the fourth panel is me when people tell me to shush
Ehh...not a traitor quite yet, but I don't like Unova nearly enough to get it. If they made a nintendo game where you start out in the Kanto region, now...
Lol, Squishy sarcasm
Oh, Treasure Town! :D
And it must have been weird going from a weightless ghost type to a heavy normal type.
Meh, usually they pull them back before that can happen.
He got bored of his normal life; he craves excitement! Sha! :D
If I became a pokemon and had a good life, then I'd long as my existence was erased from this world. If not, I'd go back since I know that my family and friends would miss me so much.
I personally like token better ;D
Patch is cute in the last panel, and Ghost types are my favorite type of pokemon! :D
Professor Oak: You are very late Ash, all the other trainers already came and went. There's only one pokemon left; it's a pikachu.
Ash: ...But I wanted Agumon!
Professor Oak: That is from Digimon Ash. This is Pokemon.
Lol, I used to love Digimon. I should really start watching the old episodes I never saw again....
I'd vote for either a jolteon, umbreon, or espeon. He looks good as those three :)