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XP lol ....................
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so she really died ~nya TT^TT
TT^TT omg im so sentimantal like 4 real right now im crying
oh no oh no nono nonon >.< !!!!no!!!!
awww =(
T.T she whent back 2 say shes willing 2 giver her life 4 hes right? X3 lol
Death God looks pretty kool =p
what does that mean? o,.,o
why dont people comment in this its really good ^^
oh so that watz doppel ganger is ;^; how can this be it berly begun n aaron is ganna die n whos the fortune teller dun dun dunnnnnn .....
people should comment this is great n poor Aaron =(
so a spirit thtaz a furtion teller showed him what was ganna happen and the name of the fortuneteller is doppelganger....did i get it right?
is it like a parallel wrold or some?
that looks like him but he looks like a a badguy in teresting
let me guess shes ganna b the side kick =D
hes mom is d-dead i at first i thought she was dead but when i read "Mom,Its been 10 years...Look At Me Now" i thoughtshe left him n omg shes dead >.<
what happen 2 hes mom?
i wish i could c those things that ill b so kool ~Nya
so good must keep on reading
~nya i b the one dressing him up 8D
i bet the girls think hes hot lolX3b ik i do