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What's worse is when the item in question requires you to trek through Mt. Pipis (home of the biggest Zubat population in the world), into the tunnel of a rare sub-species of Geodude that's made of explodium, and sail down the river of Tentacool (as in the river is made of them). Then you get to the item and... it's a Potion. The kind you can buy at the Pokemart for pocket change.

Or worse, it's a Voltorb that explodes itself on the first turn.
It's probably a Clefairy. Yep, just a cute, pink, harmless little Clefairy... that has a tendency to Metronome up attacks like Spatial Rend and Judgement.
September 13th, 2011
Ash: "Bulasaur! Use Whirlwind to blow the sleep powder away!"

Good for you, kid. You finally realized what many of us have known since the very beginning, Bug pokemon suck.

Although, Genesect is pretty cool.
[Insert one of the many comments about Thad's lack of an arm here]
Don't worry, HOly, I froze up when I had a gun pointed at me.

After a moment I noticed the bolt was open, and it wasn't armed. Then I began swearing.
Caterpie noise
According to the anime, it makes a noise that's hard to describe (it's kinda like "eeaoh" or something).

"Pwii" is a better choice.