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September 12th, 2013
@kittychick: .//. oh gosh! did you really? Wow! Thanks so much!!! I'm really happy to hear that you've enjoyed the comic so far. And I'm excited to give you more of it <3

@doireallyhave2: I truly wish I could say otherwise but uh...............

@JayRayne: "Search your feelings. You know it to be true." (*breathes heavily through mask*)
Totally inappropriate Star Wars quote there...but when I read your comment, it's all I could think about. XD

@Quadrant: Ugh, yes. This needs to happen. I big ol' make-up kiss. Because you are so right...there are a lot of open wounds here and time spent apart like that can really damage a relationship...and hurting someone while they're vulnerable can break them.. =/

@katiebell<3: I think they probably don't try to's just they're so emotionally stunted that to all us onlookers, it's pathetic in the best way possible. We're all like, "Awww...look at you two struggle with your feelings. So stupid <3"

@snow crystal: missed the comic? That's very sweet of you to say! Gah! I'm very happy to know that you feel like my boys are alive..because to me that means you can relate to them more. I do my best to keep my characters organic for this reason. I guess I never realized until you just pointed it out now...that for every step forward these boys take, they also take two steps back. Huh. So much for
p.s. No need to thank me for answering comments. ^^ Thank YOU for leaving them <3

@Scarce Rose: haha thank you and Howdy, long time no see ^^
Sorry for the confusion. This is indeed a flashback. Charlie and Sam had their confession and Charlie left with his Mom for Chicago...and now Sam is reminiscing about the past...and where things first got sour between him and Charlie.
Hope that helps ~//~

@jsmccarthy: omg. your comment. GAY IS OKAY DAMMIT. GAY IS OKAY.
fuck, I'm dying ಥuಥ pfft pfft pfft
But you are right. It's totally ok and it's just dickheads that try to make people think otherwise.
You really have a feel for where things are heading, and why the Charlie is behaving the way he is, and that's awesome to me!

@Tigrrl: That's right, badbanana is synonymous with sadistauthor. Sorry! ლ(`ー´ლ)
And yeeeeeeeeeees!! I'm happy to be back! Thanks so much for waiting for the boys <3

@BronyGirl94: Yes, you are very right about how difficult weight gain is for degenerative muscle conditions. Fortunately, since this is a work of fiction...I chose to keep Charlie's health more on the optimistic side of things, rather than what reality would actually have it be. By no means is he perfect, or every will be, but I like to have his efforts and willpower to stay healthy be somewhat rewarded in this story. And that means he's not a total twig, and he can manage to put on a couple of pounds. (p.s. I don't think healthy weight gain is discussed often enough in stories. You're right, it should be properly respected.)

@samanthasdog1231: BL-licious bwahahaha. I love it. Great adjective. Thanks for waiting patiently for the updates to continue--sorry I vanished for those couple of months! You're comment made me very happy. It's nice knowing you enjoy my comic and it can inspire such feelings in you. Good luck snagging comment virginity next update! I remember what a cherry stealer you used to be <3 <3

@SomethingScenic: Perfect way to end that sentence *high fives you*

@yayanime: Keep your hopes up that this all turns out well...but um, don't keep them too high. D=

@Kikcac: I also want to return to the present, because at least there, Charlie and Sam are in a better place with each other. Happier for sure, and eager to get into each other's pants. lol
Aw, that's okay! ^_^ I'm just happy you voted--I really don't know how aware community members are of the Awards going on. I've been reading through my favorite genres and voting as well. The 2nd week of voting started the you still have the chance to read some of the comics you never have before and vote again. The same comics get voted on, they're just mixed up differently each time to try and keep things fair. I don't really know if this works, but I changed my kudos for certain comics the 2nd week of voting? No idea what that means but I'm rolling with it ^^ lolz

@Yaoi<3A7X<3Lover: Angsty reunion! Ugh, I'm ready for happy time again XD

@Metric_muse: "damn, all caught up" lol, I've used that line before! Thanks so much for reading my comic and giving it a chance (。◕‿◕。) I look forward to updating more for you in the future! <3
September 12th, 2013
September 12th, 2013
just look at those stellar communication skills. This is why they never have any misunderstandings ಠ_ಠ
September 5th, 2013
@Quadrant: lmao...well it made me laugh so it's all good here. XD XD XD
@jsmccarthy: Holy biscuits, Gishwhes was INCREDIBLE. I did so many amazing things..and I haven't laughed so hard in years. Also, my team was damn amazing. I made some amazing new friends <3

And yes! This flashback should only get more intense as it goes on. And will you get a reason for Charlie's behavior or will you be left in the dark like Sam?! XD You know how these things go with you probably already know.

@lysambre: I'm glad the explanation helped you out/clarified things. Do me a favor though? Please don't talk down about yourself or call yourself an idiot. *gives you a flower and hugs you*

@Quadrant: Gishwhes is an international scavenger hunt for charity. Ultimately, its 150 crazy ass tasks that consist of art projects and good deeds. It's about spreading joy and just breaking away from normalcy and routine. It. was. AMAZING. A stunning experience, truly. I have amazing pics/vids from the week <3
And yes, that's right. We just migrated between Sam presently discussing this flashback..and then actually showing the flashback itself. Sorry ^^;; I'll be more elegant about it in the future, if possible.

@RotaryComplex: (╯°□°)╯ holy crap!

@SakuyaLuigi: ;_____; Thank you...!
And I remember drawing this page and being happy because I also was missing Charlie! XD lol

@Guest: ヽ(´▽`)/ CHARLIE!!!

@JayRayne: Uh yes, NOW *cough in September *cough* I am officially back >_>;; Two updates in a week and working on a third--things are looking good! lol!

@snow crystal: Agh...these comments were left so long ago and I can only now respond to them. I feel like an awkward turtle. ಥ_ಥ
This flashback should be rather memorable--it is a defining moment for Charlie and Sam. I'm having fun drawing it, though it's challenging getting back into the swing of things.
I'll be in touch about Skype. <3 Missed you as well Snow~

@BronyGirl94: Sam's devotion to Charlie is admirable...but I worry about how much he feels for him. He could easily get hurt if Charlie breaks his trust..
Lol! Shipping is amazing because it can sail in so many ways haha.

@BoomShell: Ah! Well thank you! o//o I try my best to keep my mistakes to a minimum, but I'm just an amateur so it's bound to happen. I'm sorry you came around at a time the updates fell away...but I hope that now they're happening again that you can continue enjoying the comic. <3
*melts into a love puddle for you*



@coldfusion23: I'm really happy that you like this comic even though it can be awkward and fumbling at times. ^^; I do my best but this thing is far from perfect lol. I'm happy to be continuing this comic--the break I took really refreshed my attitude towards it..and energized me too.(。◕‿◕。)

@Yaoi<3A7X<3Lover: You know shit's about to go down o_O

@sakiq: I agree with you about their hair lengths/styles. Those are my favorite ways too. I'm hoping that they'll stick to those looks later on.. :)

@mean_hamster: omfg gishwhes was amazing. Your finger crossing really did the trick, because it was a life changing experience!!

@katiebell<3: Awww.... ;^; You missed this story? holy moly that's nice of you to say. Glad that you are following along fine despite the infrequency of the updates over the last two months...
You did a great job at kicking me in the ass. Luckily, Gishwhes really left me pumped up...and I've been updating now before you can get on my case ;)

@yayanime: I'm glad that you feel that way--because no matter the circumstances...I don't think the way Charlie vanished on Sam in his time of need was the right thing to do. It's really sad how desperate and scared Sam was, knowing his best friend wasn't going to be there for him.
There will definitely be some confrontations between Charlie's parents on the matter of him being gay, so no worries. As for now, we'll have to see what happens during their reunion.
Thank you so much for all your sweetness! ~//~ I'm really glad you've enjoyed my comic so far!

@katiebell<3: Katie, Katie....I updated twice in a week. HOLY SHIT :D :D :D

@SomthingScenic: ಥ_ಥ omfg why are you so nice??
Thank you. Wow. I'm glad you are enjoying the comic so much!! *crawls into a corner and spontaneously combusts into glitter*

@jsmccarthy: O_____O;;;; I still don't know how to sort out my feelings on this matter
@Quadrant: Yes. I felt like it served a double meaning...where yeah, Charlie's hand got taken away to sign...but at the same time, it seems like he's pulling away from Sam.
@mean_hamster: Thank you so much~! I'm very happy to be back with you all <3
*bear hug*

@jsmccarthy: you've picked up on his cold behavior. Yes...Charlie's certainly not himself.
I'm stoked about updating again! It's nice coming back to this after my break. Everything is excellent with me!! Gishwhes seriously altered my life forever and I LOVED it. So many new friends and memories <3

@snow crystal: Yes, this whole reunion should be rather emotional in its entirety. ^__^ Makes me really happy that you always pick up on Sam's habits--like his nervous chatter! He's so happy but rather unsure on how to act right now.
No need to thank me for the update o_o It's no biggie--and I left you all waiting for sooo long. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it though.

@Quadrant: ;) Ha, thank you! Glad to be back! And thank you about the nomination. I'm a little nervous about being included in all that, but I suppose there's nothing I can do now but wait. As for the voting rounds...yes, it seems that they really narrowed it down. I don't know if it means there will be a new selection of 15 more nominations after the 9th or not.
And c'mon Quadrant...there's nothing like being pushed up against a dirty dumpster for some snogging to make a reunion memorable!! =P

@Tigrrl: Prediction is accurate. Angst shall ensure in the near future. But at least this is all in the past, even if it's left some wounds behind on our boys. Between Charlie's Father and Ellie...this can't end well.

@SmexyMuffin: 0_0 I updated again! Read away!! I wonder when the intensity will be to much and the boys will crack under the pressure??

@katiebell<3: KATIIIEEE, I'm aliiiiive! Ha, you knew about me being in Gishwhes and all that though... ^^ And boy was that a BLAST!! I'm glad I participated, because it helped me feel refreshed both as a person, and as an artist <3 <3 Thank you for always being so sweet to me~~

@shawke011: *casually brushes some graveyard soil from shoulder*
XD howdy! I'm happy to say I'm more alive than ever--and although I had a fantastic break away from the comic--I am excited to be back and start updating again!! Thanks so much for welcoming me back! xoxo <3

@Kikcac: Aww, ;o; you missed it? You sweetheart! Thank you! I am very happy to be back and updating with renewed vigor. I'm still a little startled about the nomination and making it into the voting rounds... I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.
Personally, I think overwhelmed Sam is my favorite kind of Sam to draw. I like it when he's nervous and flustered..because he makes all sorts of faces and chatters endlessly, haha.
And you're quite right in guessing Charlie's father being involved in all this...
Their touching reunion continues.

And now it's time for me to write back to comments! <3 rawr
I realized on the last couple pages I toned Sam's apron with the modern look, rather than making it black. Whoops. I need to fix that sometime...
Um, hi...
It was long overdue for an update...
I'm so sorry to everyone for keeping you all waiting so long.

A few fans got a hold of me recently and congratulated me on In So Many Words being nominated for best Yaoi on Smack Jeeves. Um...I just want to take a moment to say thank you. I do have mixed feelings concerning the nomination--because while there's been a lot of work that's gone into making this awkward little comic, my focus has shifted away from it in a negative way since my new employment in February. Although I hadn't intended for this two month hiatus, it turned out to be the healthiest thing for me..because I find myself invigorated and refreshed--both creatively and as a person.

Anywho, there's some truly fantastic webcomics in *every* genre that have been nominated this year, so I encourage you all to read your hearts out and vote. Support your favorite artists with Kudos and discover new treasured stories in the community
Hey peeps,
Between the huge gaps in my updates and my own amateur/poor writing, I'm not surprised you both are confused. I apologize, and please don't think you're idiots. If you get confused at "where you're at" in a story, it is always at the fault of the writer aka, ME. I've obviously failed here, and I'm sorry for it.

Until I can get my shit back together..this is where we're at: We are currently still in the same flashback. Chapter 9 so far consists of a flashback story that Sam is re-living/telling Jo in modern day. Aside from not using white in between the panels for the parts taking place in the past, I try to differentiate time change by showing different hairstyles (Jo's isn't dyed and Sam's is short and unspiked) or with clothes (the aprons are black and not gray with square designs..and both boys wear white polos under them). I had hoped to convey that Sam has been taken in by Rob as a wayward teen (starting on 9-1) and been with him about a year now (see 9-8 for 'it's been a year' reference)...and on the current page, Charlie has finally turned up out of the blue after this year long duration.

From what I can gather, it's confusing to have a parallel between Charlie going to Chicago "currently" while having Sam thinking back on the last time Charlie up and left. Admittedly, I did this flashback this way because Sam was triggered into recalling these memories after Charlie's current impromptu Chicago trip. But, ugh...I executed it poorly..and the lack of time I've been able to invest in the comic lately is really rearing its ugly head in the choppy plot flow... =/ I'm disappointed that it's come across so shitty...and I really don't enjoy letting readers down. I'm rusty and I can only hope if I can devote more time to this regularly...I'll be able to smooth out stuff like this so it makes more sense in the future.
@BronyGirl94: Nooo...don't ship your friends. It's so awkward!! XD XD

@Kikcac: Aw..I think so too. But unfortunately, Sam's not his guy. Maybe Jo will find someone special someday though..

@snow crystal: Hey, don't worry about it! It was pretty much a MONTH before I could update this I empathize with how busy you are. Ha! It's always a matter of "when" with Charlie and Sam. When they'll talk, when they'll get together, etc.. Well...very very soon is my answer to most of the "when"s. ^^
As for me getting shipped, ugh. My friend and coworker ships me with this stunning girl from another department in my store. He says really awkward stuff like, "You two are so beautiful standing next to each other." or "Let's all go tanning together so you two can be half-naked next to each other. I wanna see that!" XD he's the worst.

@katiebell<3: ;________; I failed so hard at this, beloved asskicker. Please forgive me... But believe me when I say that your asskicking messages honestly drive me to update. I hadn't touched the update until you messaged and then worked on it when I could since then

@Brotato: Oh god...the Ice King??! That's not a very pleasant ship at all. You poor thing.

@AsianIdiot16: Sam and Jo are the ultimate bros. Although Jo may harbor some one sided feelings, they have a pretty amazing friendship <3
It's strange being the one shipped. It's easy and comfortable to do so with fictional characters...but to be involved and shipped with other people you know... lol, I guess I get embarrassed. XD

@Quadrant: ^^ Aw, I'm happy you like Rob so much! I really hoped that he would be a positive adult figure in this story that readers would be happy to have around. Rob's good about letting kids be kids while instilling good habits and teaching responsibilities. I also think you described Jo and Sam's relationship perfectly!! =O They are very close friends, perhaps with a bit of sexual chemistry.
As for the girl I got paired with, she's a pastor's daughter so ROFLMAO, doubt she's interested...otherwise hell yea, I'd take her home with me. She's very sweet and beautiful <3

@Taylor's Ghost: ;_: you caught up, sorry!!!!! It took me fuckin' forever to post again too. I suck ass.
lol@at your shipping comment.
Ships irl are awkward as hell but good fun too... XD
I've missed you all.
Life strings me up by the ankles sometimes.
Selling myself to Gishwhes in August. Anyone else joining the madness?
@MegaAnimeFreak7: yea, they both have facial markings :) Sam's got the mole/"beauty mark"...and Rob has liver spots~
@jsmccarthy: ^^ haha you are too sweet! I am working on the next you'll have moooore soon~ <3

@LADYKAZUMI: I know, right!? I never realized how embarrassing it was until I was in the spotlight. Now I can't look at her without remembering some of the ridiculous crap he's said to me about her and I "making a gorgeous couple". x//x

@katiebell<3: Awww hugs for me!! Ҩ( > Д < )Ҩ
Hugs for you too Katie!!
Ha! I'm glad you confessed to shipability of SamxJo. They're cute together, like you said...but then again, Sam and Charlie fit together like puzzle pieces and have chemistry on top of it's a matter of "picking your poison". Sweet and sugary for Jo, or passionate and playful for Charlie. ^____^

Omg, you've been shipped too XD ahh! You just can't look at them the same way after it happens...hahahaha
@AliceAcid: Ha! this quote is epic, right? When I first heard it, I about choked on my own spit XD

@Quadrant: Totally dick-father's fault...
lmao, your pun is awesome <3

Sam does need to work on being more open about his feelings so he and Charlie can become boyfriends...luckily that should happen very soon. Charlie just needs to get his ass home from Chicago. :)
@LadybugQueen5: .//. Thank you... I hoped the simplicity of the page wouldn't be too underwhelming if the strong emotions could be conveyed. You saying you can feel the emotions on the page is the best compliment you could give me! ////

@sakiq: More sadness to come, unfortunately. Prepare your tissue box </3

@Quadrant: Awww....your comment was so freaking sweet. I nearly died.

@NightmareNatarii: Wow! Well thank you!!!! O//O

@Scarce Rose: </3 Oh man....I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing this right now. That....that fucking sucks and I really hope things work out for you SR! )=

@AsianIdiot16: ;_; Aw. *hands you a fresh handkerchief* It's very true. Emotional outbursts...they never actually solve anything but they help to relieve some of the pressure...
@lovelessbutterfly: I'm glad you think so! (´д`) I will aim for the rest of the flashback to keep you in that mindstate!

@StrawberryRenee: Ah, bummer! At least you got some beads. I imagine if you're a's not like you have a lot of free time to spare.
My favorite thing is the parade. Somehow, instead of beads, I always end up with about 15 condom packets...which are utterly useless to me. lol Then I go drink beer at the pub with friends--but like you said, there's always next year! :) :) :)

@BronyGirl94: Tumblr is favorite site. I can get lost on there, lol. I'm happy you like Rob so much. He's one of those characters I sincerely hope everyone enjoys. He's genuinely a trustworthy, kind, and selfless guy who's out to help, one kid at a time. (•◡•)

@Quadrant: Aw, thank you. =3
At two weeks into this, I would Sam is very disoriented and scared. It's easy to panic in a situation like his. However, you'll see in the next couple pages, as time passes with Rob and Jo, Sam settles right in. You'll see him talking to Jo about this very thing--that Charlie must have a very good reason to be staying away...and he is going to trust him.
And I'm so thrilled you've picked up on the foster dad vibe from Rob. Yes, he certainly does operate a very close knit group of kids. But he isn't sanctioned by the state or anything. He has a local reputation for taking in troubled/wayward kids when they have no where else to go. He'll give them a job, a roof over their head...and help them stabilize their life so they can make it on their own. (Comic will go deeper in to it sometime :p) And Jo was also under Rob's care--but I haven't decided if I'll ever reveal why yet.

@katiebell<3: ʘ‿ʘ Jo is very adorable IMO too, you may keep him.
As for Sammy, D= he's very lucky to have Rob brought into his life! I'm glad that you seem to know how badly Sam may have ended up if he hadn't gotten this support when he did.
I bring out the fangirl in you?? O_O I'm honored! Wear that badge and chuck it at me head when I fall far behind again.
Also, holy crap. I can't even imagine the epicness that is Pride NY. o_o You should definitely try and make it next year. I'm from Iowa, so even Pride in Des Moines is tiny by most comparisons. haha

@AsianIdiot16: They would taste like rainbows and kittens.
And nope! Jo's a local, but not high school buddies with Sam! He actually was already Rob's employee when Sam stumbled along...and Rob introduced them into being friends and roomies. So that's a fun fact~
And your description of Jo giving two shits made me laugh way too hard. I mean, I can totally see him stressing out over Sam and ended up constipated XD XD as terrible as that sounds!
flashback really didn't think it was over, right?
All of you SamxJo shippers can crawl out from under your rocks. It's okay (° ͜ʖ°)
And speaking of shipping....
just found out one of my best friends ships me(!)(Yes, ships me, like a fictional character!) with this pretty straight girl who works in the lawn and garden department of my store. He'll send me texts telling me how beautiful we looked standing next to each other that day.
Now I can't even look her in the face -//-;;
Wallace Wells: If you want something bad, you have to fight for it. Step up your game, Scott. Break out the L-word.
Scott Pilgrim: Lesbian?
Wallace Wells: The other L-word.
Scott Pilgrim: ...Lesbians?