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Hi everybody! I'm Chloe Jessica Carl. I'm an manga artist who loves to act and draw! My deviant art can be found here- and

((Oletko suomalinen ja haluaa puhuu vaihto oppilas kuka haluan puhun suomi paras?? Puhuu minalle!!! Oli vahito oppilas viimeksi vuotta. Mina oli asunut Kotka, ja mina kaipaan suomi niin paljon! Puhu minulle!!) <3
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Well... That explains the twin fantasy... XD.. sorta... lol
Aww that's so romantic :,D
GROSS!! D': but funny xD
Ouch :/
At least he admitted it... somewhat XD
@annabanaani: Ahh sorry, my finnish is no good, I only lived there for a year so it's quite terrible. I attempted to say that you can't say "I don't know" to that face.
Leafette is making the same face as the cave XD
I want to believe that Colt is doing this for some other reason, such as he is hired to protect Kaito or something other than he loves him too much... but I don't have much faith in Colt -.-"
Ugh, sinä ei voi sanoo "En minä tiedän" tätä naamassa...
Kuu is so adorable <3:D
aww... :( how.. sad
Her eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!!
I don't know if i'm weird, but if my laptop just started glowing all the sudden... I would cry XD
Yay!! I'm excited <3 The girl is adorable!
(Oletko suomalinen? :D)
I know how you feel, but maybe if you feel trapped in your art you should take a break. I see art as a relaxation technique rather than work. We wouldn't mind if you take a break, as long as it makes you happy :)
I know how you feel as well! I used to be an exchange student in Finland, everything was fine when I spoke English there... But we once spent a weekend in Russia. Of course I didn't speak Russian because I didn't plan to travel there, people stared at us like we were freaks. Everybody was so judgmental and people who spoke English refused to speak to us. Although it seems like Russians who live in Finland are quite excited to speak different languages...
Ooohhh I was wondering why she was applying for college but carrying around an 8th grade math book! I thought she was just bad at math or something XD