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"Time to run?"
Welp. If I'm interpreting the white void, as well as the World's song correctly, this is a world that no longer exists.
Sooo Radeon Bluescreens, Intel lags to shit, and Nvidia just fucking explodes? Am I interpreting those gifs correctly?
@gamerblackjacket: CORRECTION: That face when your Partner (gender neutral) meets your family without you knowing it, and they're all cool with each other.
@Shard Nah, all you have to do is claim he's an alien or was made by a mad scientist or something, and leave it at that.
I love how Blair is just unabashedly a DBZ character. Like, you don't even try to hide it.
It's magic, he ain't gotta explain shit.
@Legoalex-625: Confidence Issues.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Look at the sprite for Bomb Man in the Character fusion box.
@Guest: I feel your pain man, It's either -30 Celsius or +30 Celsius. Friggin Canada.
Well... SHIT.
@ThatTrollFaith: In A Link to the Past, if you keep attacking one, they will eventually start to swarm the screen, trying to kill you.
(R.I.P. You will all be missed.)
@ninjaxxxrecon: You can get Epona without using an Amiibo, She's just really hard to find apparently.
@Guest: y u do dis
@slaybay: Heh, this is actually the guest image for that comic.
@slaybay: Just about anything beats Fairy Tail.
@slaybay: They may be pretty dang awesome, but they still do sometimes feel like this.
Did... Did link just do what phantom ganon normally does in this fight? Because I think that's what he did.