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I am a writer - I would like to be able to draw some of the images in my mind, but I . . . really, really can't. I like looking at other people's pictures and stories, though!

If you're interested, I'm on as well.
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I just found this comic, and you have an interesting story and gorgeous art, so I will definitely be checking back to see if you come back from hiatus. Good luck on your publishing endeavours!
I loved this short story, and I'm going to have to go and investigate your other comics now. Your art and your worldbuilding - even in such a small amount of space, especially in such a small amount of space - are really impressive.

If you do ever continue this story, I'd love to read it, but I do think it works well as a glimpse into the world you created, and nothing more. (Of course, I write vignettes, so my brain is used to that, I suppose.)
I just found this comic yesterday, and I really like it - I'll be waiting to read the rest whenever you have time to continue it. :)

You have a really neat twist on the story - even without the yaoi turn, you would, but I really love that part, too. *giggle*
My vote:
I vote for Little Red Riding Hood to be next! :)
Aw, this whole story is so cute and sweet. *sighs happily* I loved being able to read it through, too, so sorry for not commenting more on the pages as I went through. Maybe I'll remember to comment when I reread!
October 25th, 2011
How to favourite:
@Anasta: Go to the webcomic profile for 'Seppen' (here, FYI: so you don't have to search it out). In the upper right of the page, beside the description with the comic's banner, there is a Stats box. At the bottom of it is a little image and link that says 'Add to Favourites'. Hope that helps you!
I'm a new fan of your work - found the comic through someone's favourites - and I just wanted to tell you that your art is amazing and I'm really intrigued by the world you're building.

I'm looking forward to reading more as you continue!