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Hey guys, this is gonna be the last water colour comic for now, keep an eye out for new projects from me, I'll be posting a new short comic starting next week and eventually more stuff relating back to both this and the Dancing Solo webcomic so keep your eyes peeled. :)

You can find all my back log of ancient comics at

and you can find recent updates on patron:

I also post some stuff that is not reblogs sometimes on my tumblr, here:

Thanks for reading guys! :)
Bit of a weird colour palette today. Remember if you like the comic you can read more of my work here at, and if you feel like contributing to my work and getting a better, more personal look at my art process and at any secret projects I might be working on you can support my patron page at
In exchange for bonus art and extra love I would be forever grateful if you guys would like to support my work at patron:

Patrons also get the opportunity to contribute to the comics themselves by coming up with the title words for each weeks new comic. Even if you aren't able to contribute to patron, I hope you guys are all enjoying the show so far and continue to do so in the future, I love you all just for taking the time to read my work. :) xoxoxox
Hey guys, hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend. There'll be another comic next monday, see you then and stay safe for Halloween!
Lat night update woooh! And now for bed.
This weeks comic with words thanks to Sean and to Emmet! You can contribute words if you want, all you gotta do is pledge a single dollar on my patron account! Do it, support an artist and get a ton of cool things in return!
This weeks comic with words thanks to my patrons, Emmet and Matthew. If you want a chance to have your words inspire the next comic make sure you check out my patreon page here:

Thanks guys, see you next week! :)
A little bit later than usual for today's upload! I had a busy weekend at DICE2014, thanks to everyone who dropped by the table for a chat and to anyone who bought a comic, you're all my favourites! Also thanks to my lovely patrons Emmet and Rosie for today's title words, sorry Emmet, I tried to aim for a happier note and failed spectacularly. For now I guess the Monday melancholy will continue as per usual!
Got a last minute table at DICE for next weekend so if you're in Dublin next weekend on the 27th or 28th drop by Dundrum and say hi and get some comics! :)
Thanks to Matthew and Marc for today's title. :)
For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I've finally cleaned up last weeks comic. For anyone who might be interested in sneak peaks, exclusive sketches and a chance to be the inspiration for next weeks comic, I now have a patreon account at where you can support me!
Just got back from working a full weekend at the Electric Picnic music festival, camping and painting faces all day is hard. D: But still, here's a last minute comic upload for everyone! I will fix those smudges in the morning but right now all I wanna do is sleep. Good night.
@azrayah: Oh! Haha, thank you very much! I have a small cheat with this comic because I do the water colours before I do the inks and base the works off the shapes that occur naturally so honestly the hard part is pulling a story out of the shapes! But yes, normally watercolours take me much longer!XDD
@aorau: Thank you! :D
I thought this one would be easier to work out but the words I was given made me work for it.
Comic updates every Monday! :)
@Pandapal: Heh! Thank you!XD
@Bambie: Ajhdfgf, thank you!! I plan to make many more so, I hope they all give you as much joy!>v<