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I'm a creep who really can't do only one project at a time.


If I'm not doing a million things, I'm stressing out, backwards as that may seem.

Take a step into my terribly drawn, awfully all-over-the-place world of terrible comics, and try to enjoy.

Merci beacoup, et au revoir.
HAVEN'T READ/COMMENTED IN SO LONG, but I'm really glad I remembered and finished it! So wonderful, ^^
LOVE IT, as per.
I was so shocked to see this had been taken off Tapastic, and rushed over here immediately.

I was not disappointed. Muaha ^^
Cannae believe I didn't say this the first time I saw this, but this is quite possibly the loveliest thing I have laid eyes on in a long time.
Defintiely top ten anyways.
Yeaaah, all that bad stuff, but then there's Nine's face/smile/errythang.
And, I think that alone tips the scale into the It's All Good side. No?
iyam laveen eeat! juss laveen eaat! zo much akshon!!
Oh man.
I adore this comic already! I love your art style, and the characters. I am every bit on Ink's side here, but I can't help feeling for Jasper. He's clearly conflicted about his behaviour, and only hurting due to his father's choice of someone else over him :/
September 18th, 2013
Love this! It's so original/interesting ^^
So much loove for this comic!
Mhmmm. Dat ass indeed.
It's Monday, I tell you!
I tell you, it's Monday!
Sounds good! (Then again, I might just go for the two keychains with a free bookmark deal.. Aiish, what to do! :'3)
September 2nd, 2013
@Maiwenn: Waaahh~~! It had to stop here! OH, the cliff hangers..
C'est cruel, cette page. Je voudrais en plus, sil vous plait!
Wheeee~~ Your art is mega cuute! :D
Ahhhhh~~~ I love this comiiccc~~
So wonderful ; - ;<3
haha, wish I could buy it, but I ain't hardly got no monies. I don't suppose I could buy a bookmark on it's own.. (So kawaii!)
Off to look at Keychains... :D
<3 <3
Double upload..
Parce que, Noelle!
Le numero uno pager.
They say somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly.
I think this is untrue.
I think, somewhere over the rainbow, Donatello is playing the guit, and Miguel is dancing the grasshopper ballet.
There is always an explanation, dear Seki, my boy!
So wonderfully done! I love this!
How does one spell MOAR in the nicest of ways? :'3