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Hi! My name is Alex Miller and I am an artist! When I was 8 years old I took a cartooning course which gave me the knowledge of how to create my own comics, characters, and story lines. Ever since that summer I have loved art with a passion and recently I have learned how to draw in a manga style. I currently have two mangas/ comics as well as my comic strip Smudge and Frank! I hope you like my art and stories!
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Another page?? It's a miracle! lol I'm so sorry for postponing my comic for so long everyone. Between school and work life has been hectic but I am so excited to get this page out to you all. I hope you like the new page as we introduce Gale and Gia.
Dragon Wing Page 23 is finished and everything is spiraling out of control! XD I had a great time with this page with it being so tense and crazy packed with speedlines and such and I hope you all like it! Now I am off to work on more commissions from comic con so please enjoy the 23rd page!
So... Skylar's not happy. In fact, there are quite a few underlying problems in this "team". We're going to get to the heart of all of these angry words and actions soon! For now poor little Ratchet has gotten in his and Skylar's first fight. Who's going to win?!?!?

Hope you all like the new page! Please feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe to read more Dragon Wing pages to come. :)
Hello everyone! So, here we have page 19 and oh man, Ratchet's stepping into the danger zone by going against Skylar... And what does he mean by Skylar being "that far gone"? Will Sparrow's pilot chances be saved or put into further jeoprady? I will have to get the next page our ASAP to answer these questions so for now I hope you all like the page :)
Hello everyone! I'm so sorry this page update took so long but I hope you like it! Skylar's anger is flaring, so what will happen now??
There we go! All caught up. Hope you all like the new page and I will update soon!
Yay! On to chapter 2!
First double page spread and in color no less! Hope you all like page 17 :)
Man it has been a very long time since I updated here! I apologize. I will get you all caught up in a jiffy.
Finally an Update!
Wow, it's been three months since I updated? That's crazy. lol I appologize for that! I hope this page makes up for all of that time and I hope you like it! :) Trouble is brewing for Sparrow!
Hello again everyone! :D I felt like adding a post to extras so here we are. This is Veren, the second most important villain in the manga! Hope you like it. :3
Plot Thickens!
All right! :D Hello everyone! We are on to page 14 and we have more plot development! I'm happy with this page and I hope you like it. :)
Page 12
Okay! Here is a new page for everyone and I am very happy with it! :) The coloring was fun and super detailed. I hope you like it!
Page 12
Hi everyone! Trying out a new coloring style and here's the newest page! :) I hope you like it.
Volume 1 cover
Hi everyone! :D Here is a new Volume 1 cover for Dragon Wing! I hope you like it and just to let you know I am working on the next page as we speak! I'll update soon!
Extras Chapter
I'm going to be submitting some extra pictures regarding Dragon Wing from time to time including my own drawings and possibly fan art! Hope you like the first one and keep your eyes out for more!
Page 11
Hello Dragon Wing fans! I'm so happy to get page 11 out to you and this page was a blast to color in! :D I will try to get the next page out sooner than later! Hope you like it!
Hello readers! I am so happy to get this page out and introduce you to Ratchet! Hope you like the page! :)