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I love Write & draw & read
I will become a fantasy Writer and mangaka.
kpop, jpop, dramas & anime <3
Instagram @noodles_sama
** icon made by me, do not use/ repost!
Zodiac is my long awaited project. hope to get your opinion & support ^-^
Im sure that the story will be amazing for you to read, im confident in my writing skills, thou my art need lots of improvment.
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sorry for the long hiatus @_@
sorry took me so long to update.. i was busy and kinda stuck XD
muhahahahaha <3 this butt :P
I still need to work on poses XD
finaly the story begins ^_^
this page took me 5hours to draw ;_;
well its the cover page for the chapter..
my sister ( drew the pose for them & i did everything else
(im realy bad at covers XD
this door was hell of a work T^T
@aquakitty101: ommggg 1st comment *-* thank youuuu!!!!!!
@Loner girl: yep, it was painfull to "kill" her :<
@Loner girl: lol, indeed XDD
*ך* OMG thats it? only a little peak to his chest... and yes make romi nosebleed a lot :hihihi:
after some time i finaly draw the 7th page XD
enjoy ><
cute *^*
i love they character so much XDD
oh gashh he so amazing *_*

"subject" damn cute (>*o*<)
amazing *_*
and from here im not sure how to put this XD
here the story begin :P
yeapp my monsters are something XDD"