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life begins, life ends.... easy mistake to make

beautimus work kittay
most awsome
hah! sweet! let the chase begin!
oh no's! what did the bunny do to the lil kid?!! le gasp, yur art is cute!
you've got to love trish's manager person, he's so angry that its lovable, till he dies of high blood pressure...
he looks kinda like charon, and she ADORES charon, how come she doesnt like this guy? anywho, i like im
AHHHHHH! i love the way you use color its absoluterly beautifulll!
HAHA! give me a magical sub like THAT evryday and i will be completely content!
aww he is STILL sad, man i hope he gets better, i dont want him to kill himself!
wait, they both ran into trees? she has no excuse, heh, cuz she doesnt need glasses.... i dont think
who is gott gauss? i wanna kno really bad...
no he is perfectly fine, he just tried to maul you with his glasses....
keep it up, this is great!
"an abnormal amount of love and joy" you made my day!
Im ALL for the hot Charon substitute!
why DOES he have to sneak out for school? is his mom abusive or sumthing? she's the one that told him to stay home right?
multiple personalities much charon dear?
i hope the ninjas don't steal this one!
cute! and who was in that flashback? was it charon or deian? or sumone else?
but you are still staying here, right?.... right?