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I don't know about Nicole, but I'm really happy now that you updated!
No that car is really beautiful!! I adore you and your comic, it's just too good. And I love the colors and stuff.
A bit but I'm sure it will get more happy. Tough it's not bad to see angst pages once in a while and it is as nekomata said, pretty :)
Your art is really pretty and I love those butterflies that fly everywhere.
January 12th, 2008
Happy birthday! Ren is so cute in the second panel. :D
If he accidentally hit his elbow on to his tummy it would hurt. A lot. :D
I like that tear. For some reason :D
Ooh nice pictures!
December 21st, 2007
I think it's nice that you comment on to your comic. I like reading your comment as I like your manga. :D
I think there was lots of stuff that happened in this chapter. Well anyway, I love your art and those clothes are really cool!
Oooh, he looks scary.... Hope he won't kill Sophie, because then I wouldn't be able to enjoy this comic anymore.
Paris is so cute and funny and cute and and... He is the best, that all there is to it. Camilo is scary btw.
Aww, Oniki looks so cute when he is blushing.<3
I love this comic, but it has been on hiatus(?) a long time now. I was so happy when I heard that you are going to continue this on January! I will be looking forward to it. <3
No, I think it is a tiger! So cute, he's blushing all the time.
What if he rapes me xD
Two pages? I will be looking forward to it.
so cute!
I miss you already. Please come back soon :D
That Camilo guy is kind of hot :--D
I love the fifth panel.