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Last known as Highlander TH, Here there will be Comics, Randomness and yes...a whole lot of bad puns.

Looks like the comics....
Been Re-written...
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    Bond....James Bo- Just kidding!
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> Really soon I hope!? Wait...she...she said she wants to date me!?

Say it in a innocent tone and wait for the test to start
>What Asterisk said.
B. Oh hey guys fancy seeing you here!
>Shuffle out in a sad mood, head to school while on your way look around for something or someone to talk to on your way there.
>Chase after her and apologize if she thought you were being rash, it wasn't like you wanted her to get in your pokeballs or something.
B. Its better to be honest and not dig yourself a hole.
Jason and Isabel, What would you two do if you swapped bodies for a day? -evil laugh-
P.S Love the comic keep it up. ^^
@Scrape the Wolf: Drawn to life is awesome! I mean where else can you see a walking cow wielding a sword saving a world. I love that game o3o
Yus thats me XD ^
Even if other people think its a fail that doesn't mean the author doesn't have to make it, its their choice and if others enjoy it leave it as be.
I say its a very well done sonic o3o
Hello Mr.Pasted on Quills -Had to-

A Royal Rumble Featuring the community of Smackjeeves
30 characters will enter, each couple of pages a new person will enter only way to be eliminated is to be thrown out and both feet much touch the floor.

To Join just PM me your sprites and a small Bio its easy as that ^^.

I really would appreciate more people joining as there's plenty more spaces to join, Thank you for your time viewing this advertisement and hopefully taking the time to join.
Sorry guys about the advertisement but I would appreciate if more people would join XP
Not at all go ahead. quills
Oh hang on i got some free quills somewhere here...
I will once im done with this comic, and theres only one XD