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I like pizza, reading and drawing. Sadly, I don't have the skill or time to produce a proper web comic so please sue my mother.
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    Call me Patty, Casey or nameless.
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I was so focused at Leafette and the smiley face, that I almost didn't see that face shadow
'Dinosaurs are better than vampires'. They truly are.
I'm going to guess here. But judging from their faces, I'd say their her friends.
At least he apologized. It would be more awkward if Derek ignored Danny while having a not so private talk with Rod.
Is Alyn going to cut himself? Or his shiny, shiny hair?
I almost cried when I saw the update.
Skylar and the prince should form a comedy duo. Just saying.
I really like this page, but the fav button won't let me appreciate it enough.
While reading this, I imagined that Derek had a BLACK WOMAN VOICE.

It was surprisingly fitting.
Club Hate seemed to forget that people need to ask for help first.
Her blood is magical... Just look at it's color!
Meh, they'll forget it when he puts the hat back on.
You are amazing. In every single way.
If you force yourself to make more comics while sick, you will get even more sick.

But thanks for the page!
Should I cry or laugh... I have no answer for that.
I will stay awake from Friday to Monday to catch an update on time.
Dear lord! Rainburritos everywhere! Only god can save us from the cuteness now...
If you're going to stare, you have to make it subtle.