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Greetings, human populace. I like drawing comics. Fave them all or die. :D
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Oh my gobbbbbbb that was amazing! Nice job animating, and I liked the song~
Just a fair warning: the next strip is quite a bit bloodier.

So! Thirteenth strip published. Nyeh.
I'm so sorry I haven't updated in... like... two weeks. @__@ I'm having all sorts of fun migrane problems. I'm getting that checked out soon, though, so then maayyyyybeeee I'll be updating more regularly. I've mainly just been too lazy to draw a week's worth of comic strips in one day. ;n;

Lessee... today is Thursday... So... Sunday strips will be featuring letters from Morocco, mailed by Hash. She'll be telling us all about her trip. :>
Chelly's really short. And Kelly refuses to greet anyone who does not obey the laws of the universe, which, in this case, is "all names must end in Y".
You don't actually get to see her nose ring in until later in the strip. :>

But yeah. Part-time medical student, part-time gossiper, full-time human. That's impressive, Hash.
She works at Hella's with Mickey.
Hash won't be with the actual crew for more than a few strips, but she'll turn out to be rather imortant later!

Also, sorry for irregularity with updates. Apparently I've been having migranes! They're not really fun. :/

Ricky is sleeping because something bad is going to happen in strip 13. DUN-DUN-DUUUUUNN.
I don't understand this. For the life of me. Just because they work at a Greek resturaunt doesn't mean that they want you to order in Greek.

Oh, and Kelly's saying "I hate this place". I just used Google Translate. It probably isn't very accurate, but meh.
The third pannel was so much fun to draw.
You don't even know.

Hella's is a real Greek resturaunt in Tarpon Springs, where they are. I just love their Greek lemon soup. ;n;
ooOOOoooh, that would be fun! :D
I will have to make a whole new crazy character for it...
tomorrow. lol. I gotta get to bed. XD

*will PM you with ideas tomorrow*
Hee-hee thanks~
Ahhh we totally should. (should it be Mercy's or Cirque d'Obscure? O3O )

Tenesee, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas... they're all the same to Kelly, who is from New York City. :/

Oh. And the place they're at, Tarpon Springs, is in Florida and actually exists. It's a tourist trap, but I love it so much.

So much Greek food.
So little time. ;n;
Eyeshadow doesn't make you look deep, it makes you look like a girl.
According to Ricky, anyway. XD

Short temper + weak stomach + makeup = Mickey.
Anime + glitter + blue hair dye = Kelly.
Cat + redneck + overalls = Ricky.
@Magpie127: Well, the comics ARE pretty small. :> I can add the dialogue on the artist's comments~
Covergirl must make quite the chunk of cash off of Mickey's various makeup purchases.

Not only does he wear eyeshadow, he wears eyeliner, blush, concealer, lip gloss and other assorted items that were invented for female use.


Mickey: What do you want?
Kelly: a DATE.
Mickey: August 14, 2943.
Mickey: See you then?
Ricky: Mickey, is that eyeshadow?
Uh, yeah. Mickey has a very weak stomach. He's going to be puking a whole lot throughout the comic.

It won't be as bad as Ricky's various injuries chasing bird, though.
October 18th, 2011
I got tired of trying to make the text tiny, so I hand-wrote it! If you can't read it, let me know. ;)
magpie127- Oh, I'm terrified. D:
And the adventures begin! The boys are being newly introduced to Kelly.