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Struggling actor, successful waitress.
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Sanjo really is a great guy... I hope he doesn't get mad if he sees this! I think he'll probably laugh.
This starts a whole new chapter in my life: a frantic and annoying chapter, but a chapter nonetheless!

I'm exhausted.



Go here to write to me:

Thanks for the sweet comment!

Thanks so much. It makes me happy that you were reading my comic!

Thanks! Coming from you that means a lot!

I will wait patiently then:)

Your stories have got me skittish in the ladies' room stalls.

I can't wait to read the next installment!
What a GREAT start! Wow!
Just read your whole comic and it is, in a word: great!
Oh my gosh! Ha ha ha!
We all have them!
I love your style!
Either I'm a kook or I'm a magnet for the paranormal... or maybe both.

I occasionally add interesting material to my personal website so go see it if you're um... interested.

Cheers to you. Nice to see a friendly face. Love your comic!
That last piece left me speechless... and not in a good way. Flattery can only go so far.

Thanks for reading!



If you love me you'll go see my website! (

Thank YOU for making such a great comic!
@Nobodys Fault:

I like that kind of arrangement!

I'm looking forward:)
@Nobodys Fault:

You teach, I learn!

So sweet of you! Thanks!