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Just a comic artist and an Illustration major at MICA.

I also have a deviantart!
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    Sydney Smith
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Please follow if you like this! And check out for more art.
Please follow if you like it! Here are also my deviantart and inkblazers accounts: Thanks!
It was super fun to make the crosshatching! Please follow and share if you like it. :)
September 21st, 2014
Updates on Sundays! Please share if you enjoy this, thanks.
September 14th, 2014
Final page of the chapter! Updates every Sunday, and please share this if you enjoy the comic! :D
Updates every Sunday! Please spread the word if you like it. :)
I would really appreciate you following this if you enjoy the comic! :D It updates every Sunday.
Updates every Sunday! Please follow or comment if you like this comic. :)
Updates every Sunday!
Oo, supernatural beings! I focus my comic around demons and angels too. Great way of drawing them. :D
August 10th, 2014
Such an interesting gestural style to your work! I like the panel layout too.
Updates every Sunday. Please follow or share!
Updates every Sunday at noon.
Great shots and perspective. The silhouettes are done wonderfully too!
Such an incredible and gestural use of colors! I always wish I had the ability to color my webcomic, but all I can manage is a digital banner.
Just the beginning...
First page!
Alright guys, this time the comic will continue! Please follow if you like the artwork. I would really appreciate it.
I love the linework~
Wow! This is spectacular!
This is really cool! And, to get this to be the banner, you have to resize it to the right size. You can use the 'resize' tool in Microsoft Paint if you have that.