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..... no hablo espagnol >.<
Hehe My mom is reallly dense when it comes to people hitting on her. She told me, once, a few years after she got married, she was at a Home Depot for some reason (I forget why) and she couldn't reach something on a really tall shelf (we're a short family T-T). So, she got one of the workers, a pretty muscular lady, to help her out. It got to the point where the lady helped get everything for her and walked her to her car, asked her name, her number (she didn't give it), etc.. Amazingly, my mom didn't realize the lady was hitting on her until a couple weeks later XD
Lol, race confusion happens to me all the time XD I'm Korean and half Bangladesh, so I somehow end up looking either Hispanic or Native American for some reason... Apparently my race appearance can also depend on how I style my hair so... Idk, people can be really messed up, I guess -_-;
hehe, i get it. A cliffhanger XD *shot*